I have a question for all the Gucci experts on selling one of my bags:)

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I recently received a Gucci Bag and I know I will never use it, its so pretty:smile: I prefer to use my Coach bags, I would be too paranoid to use this one!! I want to put it on ebay but I dont know how much to ask or the name of the bag.. I was hoping one of the Gucci "experts" could give me a little advice. Here are some pictures. The purse is in immaculate condition, stored in dust bag, looks like it wasnt even used, clean inside and out. Thanks in advance!!! The serial reads: 001-203-3015

    Thanks ladies for your help!!!!

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  2. You have already posted this question in 'Name That Gucci' which is the right place.

    Please wait till someone answers you there.

  3. Thanks, I wasnt sure which way to do it, so I tried both:smile:
  4. :graucho: that's OK likamarie, but now you know :biggrin:
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