i have a question abt LV staff...

  1. hey all, sorry if this has been discussed or not revelant..i am new to LV...here my question:

    Are all LV staff trained to spot fake? what happen is there a switch and bait scenario? If LV accept a fake bag and later sell it as authentic..what happened? Has anything like these scenario happen before?

    i dun wan to buy a fake bag from LV store as fake ones are getting better each day....

    sorry if its repeated..:yes::p
  2. If I'm not mistaking you must go on an educational course before working there.
  3. If you feel at all nervous, ask for a brand new bag from the back - one with the plastic still on the handles. That way you're assured that it's brand new from LV.
  4. Too bad they don't all get courtesy training while they're getting authenticity training. Some SA's are gems... but as we've all read here, if we haven't had personal experience, some are real losers.
  5. I doubt that would ever happen
  6. Only the store manager is usually the one who can officially do the "authenticating". They are the ones who can issue a verification letter, but it is a rare thing, as it is not usually a service provided by LV to just anyone.
  7. thxs so much for yr input..i feel much better now...i am new ot LV and worked hard to buy my bags...

    Btw, the SA i talked to said one of her collegaue sold a SINGAPORE DOLLARS $85,000 LV bag which has limted edition of only 10....is this true?:wtf::sweatdrop:

    i am in singapore in holiday and wan to get couple of bags and some part of asia have a reptuation of sellign good fakes..:tdown:
  8. ^^the tribute bag perhaps?

    as travelbliss said, i think only upper management are allowed to actually authenticate. when my mom returned a mono pochette, the assistant manager inspected it for a few minutes before accepting it.
  9. There is a story in which the LV store manager accepts a bag to be sent off for repairs and the bag owner later gets a call from LV to say her bag is a fake. Apparently it was such a good fake even the store manager couldn't spot it.

    But ... that's just one side of the story. The other side goes like this: a woman brings her fake bag into the LV store for repairs. It's a busy day and the store is full of people. The store manager can see it's a fake, but if she tells the customer, other customers will overhear it, and the customer with the fake will be horribly embarrassed. Or even worse, she might get very angry and make a scene. So the manager quietly accepts the bag and sends it off knowing LV will refuse to repair it. That way she doesn't have to deal with a potentially embarrassing scene in the middle of a crowded store.

    Personally I think the second version sounds far more likely. But you can see how a story like that can be interpreted to show the manager didn't know the difference ... and then you have the rumour circulating, and scaring people. Even though common sense says it's highly unlikely, and there is a more sensible explanation. That's the trouble with rumours ... they can do a lot of damage even though they're not necessarily true.
  10. I thought I read somewhere that LV destroys bags that are returned. Has anyone else heard/read this?
  11. ^Untrue. LV only destroys bags that are past season, discontinued, or display models after first offering them at a discount to employees.
  12. staff have such good benefit...:wtf:
  13. I understood that when a customer brings in a return, it is always cleared and checked by the manager of the store first. This would of course assure that a fake bag is not returned and placed into inventory.
  14. At the LV store I shop at they always write the datecode on the receipt, in case you need to return anything that's enough proof of it not being switched.
  15. I have never had an SA do that, but that is a good idea for all the stores to do!