I have a question about Trunk Show......

  1. I got a thing in the mail from the SA at Neiman's about the Chanel Spring Trunk Show. It has the date of the show on it, but not the time.
    I have never been to a trunk show & know nothing about it. What exactly is it? How will I know what time it starts? Do I have to call the SA & let them know I am coming in order to get the details?
  2. You can go to the NM website and go to the drop down for the state that you are in and it will pull up all the events going on during that month. I know when my NM has trunk shows, they are typically from 10am-4pm.
  3. Do you need to RSVP or something?
  4. no, they're open to anyone:yes:
    A rep from Chanel brings lots of great bags and accessories and they're on display to try on and feel, you can get on waitlists at this time.
  5. Thanks! I think I might go.