I have a question about this Legacy lip gloss item I've seen posted on here!

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  1. Is it that Legacy keyfob that was supposed to be a perfume solid, or is this something different? I know I must have one, but what is it? What does it look like?! Item # and price too please if anyone has it. Thanks!
  2. Sure! I think I am going to order this for PCE. :graucho:
  3. Anyone have a picture of these? :crybaby:
  4. It is the charm on this bag from the back of the new catalog. So cute!

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  5. Thanks Greenpixie! I was trying to figure that out as well!! Do you know if the Legacy stripe is on both sides, or just one??
  6. ahhhh got it greenpixie, thanks! that is super cute! :tup:
  7. You know, I am not sure. :thinking: My guess is probably only one side has the stripes, since the solid perfume did not have enamel on both sides, and most of the keyfobs have plain backs.

    I am glad I dug out that photo - it is cuter than I remembered. :P

  8. Yeah, it should be cute even plain, but I hate how they don't finish both sides! It's definitely a must have, though!! :yes:
  9. ^^^

    ITA! I hate when I have a charm on my bag that always flips to show the plain side.

  10. Yeah, and for some reason, no matter how I attach them, they ALWAYS stay on the plain side! I look like a total nut walking around and adjusting my charm all the time! :P
  11. Haha I do the same thing!!! I HATE when they flip over!
  12. Haha well that makes 3 of us! I too am that nutty lady who always turns back to adjust her purse charm. :roflmfao:
  13. Haha i'm also one of the ones whose always turning my charms over...sometimes i trip or bump into something since i'm soo concentrated on keeping the nice side stay visible.