I have a question about the Matelasse

  1. Nobody has mentioned seeing matelasse bags in the spring colors. Did Balenciaga ever release any to be sold? Has anyone seen any? Obviously, they made some because of the pictures we saw before the spring bas arrived in stores. It looked especially pretty in the natural, argyle, bleu glacier, and anthracite. Just wondering.
  2. I have no clue about this but I love this picture!!!~ (sorry I had to do this)

  3. Thanks for repposting that pic for me. I'm too lazy I guess. Don't they look gorgeous there? I want one of each. (yeah, right - a woman can dream can't she?)
  4. Is it just me, or does the bag in the middle seem like a different style????

    It doesn't look like it has the whipstitched handles of the other two and the 06 matelasse style...Actually the handles on all three of them seem softer and squishier than the current grainier handles we've been seeing/and hearing about from current owners of the matelasse.

    And somehow, these bags, at least the lighter one in the middle do not look as puffy as the older original style.

    Has anyone seen them IRL? Circoit, I'd like to know, too...
  5. Aha, I see that. The handles on the one in the middle look totally different. I love the Matelasse, but no shoulder strap. I wonder if the one in the middle has longer straps. I am a hands and arms free bag type of gril. I want to be able to stick that bag on my shoulder.:yes:
  6. I just got a Matelasse & suprisingly, it fits perfectly on my shoulder!:yes: I was thrilled cause I'm a shoulder bag girl too.
  7. I love the cream color in the middle. I've only seen it for sale in the brown and black. They should make them in all the Bal colors too.
  8. You are so right about the handles being different (the middle one)! I wonder why?
  9. i wonder if these bags will come out w/ the spring collection... they are def. different from the current matelassae in marron and black that we have been seeing! ...or at least the one in them middle...even the zipper pull area seems different..(don't know if I am making sense but wonder if the middle zipper area opens up and out to become a box-shaped bag or is cut low like in the pic?... I noticed this on the other pics of the quilteds w/new spring colors).
  10. It fits on the shoulder! Yikes! I have to have one now. I just noticed on the natural - the leather on the back of the mirror is quilted too. Sooo cute!