I have a question about the leather on my bag! Help Please~

  1. So I got a black brief recently and I was wondering about this every time I look at my bag. The leather on the bottom of the bag feels different from the upper part leather. It's softer and more distressed. Is it supposed to be like this? It's my first balenciaga and I was worrying if the bag might get ripped or something. T.T
  2. Nothing to worry about. The leather on these bags varies widely which is why everyone has an opinion about what they like/dislike in their leather. The leather on my bags varies in the very same section sometimes! The front of one of my bags is different on one side than the other. It's perfectly normal. Also, as hard as it may be to believe, the leather is so soft and supple yet very strong at the same time. I'm pretty rough on my bags and they're fine!
  3. Yes, the leather does vary. I have some with thick leather on the left front and thin on the right front and vice versa. It's just that way with BBags.
  4. The front and back leather of my city is different. Front is not distressed while the back is distressed. But both thick leather, is this normal?