I have a question about NM phone order..

  1. so i have finally located a rouge vif city (i got tired of waiting for balny for theirs to come in) :yahoo: i talked to alicia from NM in shorthill and she was able to locate one in florida. and they're sending it out from florida so i shoudl have it in 5-7 days :tender:

    now my question is will they charge me for tax (i am from ca)? i guess i was too excited about the news that i totally forgot to ask about the total cost :Push: . AND i didn't even ask about shipping cost. how do they normally do it for out-of-state purchases??

    thanks for the help in advance :flowers: i guess i'll need to list out a list of questions next time before i talk to SA, just in case i get too excited and forget everything again :shrugs:
  2. Yes, they will charge you for tax if there is a NM in your state. I don't think you have to pay shipping though, just tax.
  3. I can't remember the cost for shipping but it's around $14 or so... It's about $5-6 more for the overnight shipping...

    You'll be charged CA tax since the bag is being shipped to CA and there's a NM in CA. Alicia in Short Hills is a great SA. Congrats!
  4. ahhh.. thanks for the prompt responses!!!

    i'm in sucha dilemma.. so i called bal ny and the SA told me they are getting 25 rouge vif city (first shipment) next monday.. and will probably have more toward end of next week. and i kno that bal ny only charges $15 for shipping and no tax for cali residents.. so the problem is.. should i WAIT a week and save the tax and get it from balny.. or keep the NM one?! i think the NM one is already been shipped out so i can't cancel the order. i'll need to return it if i want go with the balny one.. what should i do?? what would you do?? HELP?!

    *sigh* me and my lack of patience =(
  5. i would return the nm one and get the balny one to save on tax! saves you $100! :yes:
  6. Yes. Your best bet for not getting charged tax is Saks in CT.
  7. ^^But since they have a Saks in CA, you'd still be charged tax.
  8. Nope, Saks does not charge tax if they ship. Someone tried to tell me the same for NM but I'm always charged tax from them.
  9. now i don't feel so lucky about having both NM and Saks 10-15 min from where i live.. :cry: :lol:

    thanks girls!! i think i'll admire the one from NM a bit b4 i return it and wait patiently for my babie from balny :heart:
  10. I know, I NEVER buy anything from Saks...I always call another store and have it shipped! It's great to browse though.
  11. Hey justwhisper hopefully by next week we will both have our rouge vif cities!:yahoo:
  12. Can you call Alicia and find out exactly what you were charged? I'd do that before making any decisions!
  13. ^^^ she's calling me tomorrow with the fedex tracking number.. i'll ask her then.

    she's been really helpful and i feel bad about the decision :sad: . but i'll definitely change my mind if it's tax free :yes: !!

    does she still get the commission if the merchandise is returned?
  14. I don't think she gets the commission... but don't worry about it at all...do what is right for YOU. She has been very understanding with me whenever I have done returns ... she doesn't have an attitude or get upset. That's another reason why I've really liked dealing with her.

    If you are solid about wanting to keep the bag (i.e., can't imagine for one second that you would want to return it for a refund), then I think you should go with the cheaper option.

    Good luck! ;)
  15. Saks is supposed to charge tax. I am really surprised to hear that they are not doing so.

    Also, be careful buying anything tax free if you are in CA (or NY) because I think you sign something on your income tax return stating that you don't owe any use tax and any time you buy something from out of state "tax free", you owe use tax.