I have a question about my SS pearl studs...

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  1. I have a gorgeous pair of South Sea pearl studs - they are pretty big - 11.8mm. They are set on 18k white gold posts, and I have big backs to hold them upright. They work even better with those plastic disks in between my ear and the backings, but I usually don't wear them, because the plastic shows - I have small ear lobes.

    My problem is that when I wear these earrings, my ears get sore - I end up having to use Neosporin for a few days afterward. I'm wondering if, in fact, the posts aren't really 18k...or if it's because they are so heavy.

    Any ideas? TIA!

  2. Are the posts thicker than other earrings? I have a few pair that are and my ears can get sore from them.

    The heaviness could definitely be a factor too. I think if your ears are getting sore, but you don't see any "peeling" on the posts, they probably are 18k.
  3. No - they don't seem thicker, just longer! And there is no peeling...I checked!

    I'm thinking I may have to have them reset onto wires...but I really wanted them to be studs...:sad:
  4. My guess is it's the weight. I had issues with a similar pair of earrings. The pearls were large and they were just too uncomfortable to wear.
  5. How about getting them set into omega backs? They would still be studs, but with a bit more support. I think some places also call it 'clip post'.