I have a question about Lanvin flats...

  1. I've just ordered a few pair, and I've noticed in several posts on TPF people talking about having the soles reinforced (or something put on them) to improve on the wearability, since the soles are thin. Can someone tell me what I should do?

    Thanks - these are my first Lanvins! :love:

  2. You need the thin rubber soles put on, I didn't do it on one pair and have virtually destroyed them
  3. Thanks - I guess they do this at any shoe repair???
  4. I believe so.....it's impossible to get the really thin soles in the UK but you lucky guys in the US have them
  5. You can get it done at any good shoe repair..I had them put full soles and redo the heel on all mine. On one pair I didn't do it right away and the first time I wore them the heel almost wore through! So I definitely suggest getting it done before you wear them.;) Check the CL thread, there's a sticky on good cobblers in the different states.
  6. I've had 3 pairs of Lanvin flats (satin, leather and patent) since Sept and the sole on each has endured beautifully - I haven't had to replace or reinforce them at all. I suppose it depends on how hard you are on your shoes and how often you wear them.
  7. Thanks- I'll check it out!