I have a question about feminine wash

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    I have always used summers eve wash but Im not sure why. Is it ok to use normal body wash on a feminine area? I have never had any problems, infections, ect.. I dont know if its normal to use summers eve every day or is that if you need some special attention? I am so confused. I didnt grow up with a mother in my house so I took a guess when I was younger and have wondered if im doing the right thing every since, LoL
    Help!!! :confused1::sad:
  2. I don't use anything on my vagina. The vagina is self cleaning and the introduction of soaps to that area could mess up the ph balance, causing for some nasty things to happen.

    On the outside I do wash with soap, but not on the inside. From what I learned on some womens-health boards I am a member of, those washes will do more harm than good
  3. So no soap at all? just water or nothing? That sounds scarry to me, but I have ALWAYS washed with summers eve and im afraid if i didnt wash with anything I might feel dirty =/ ohhhh i dont know... :blink:
  4. I think there is a product called femfresh thats supposed to be really good
  5. I'm thinking about switching to Summers Eve, as I use regular body wash. Beeen using it my whole life (I'm 22), and haven't had a single infection due to it. Knock on wood. But I'm thinking maybe it's healthier to use than regular body wash?
  6. So summers eve isnt for people who need something extra? LoL
    I guess thats my question, Im perfectly "normal" and I dont need anything other then whats normal. So whats normal?
  7. Exactly! I do the same thing. I wash the outside with soap, not the inside.
  8. I guess I'm a hybrid here b/c I believe the vagina is self cleansing as well, but I do use my shower gel on the outside and just a teensy bit up there, sorry if TMI. I don't use a special feminine wash BTW.
  9. No, no soap...Just water. I've never had an infection "down there" either and I don't feel dirty...

    Here's a link on Vulvovaginal Hygiene:

  10. i use soap and water and wash with my own hands. I smell and feel clean.

    you dont need to wash "inside" as the vagina is a self cleaning system. everything that doesnt need to be there comes out. Thats one of the benefits of having your period. the blood flushes out anything in there that shouldnt.

    so you should just focus on washing the external. I have never had any infections, diseases or anything of the sort.

    However I do get checked by a gyno so I hope your not skipping your appointments
  11. Well said. It is safe to use Summers Eve on the external part, but douching can hide bacteria and lead to infections.
  12. I use Summer's Eve but mainly because I am sensitive in that "region" and soaps generaly upset my Ph balance. I wouldn't recommend a strong soap like Lever 2000 but any other soap in that region should be okay.
  13. My mother is in the Ob/GYn industry (midwife):

    Yes the Vagina is self cleaning to some degree. You can wash down there, but here is her recommendation to a healthy vagina:

    --No douching (worst thing you can do. You strip all the natural stuff in the vagina)

    -- No cleansers like Summers Eve and DEFINITELY nothing with FRAGRANCE

    -- No powders, no scented tampons, pads, etc

    -- and she suggests to all her patient that their underwear should have cotton lining to allow it to breathe down there.

    ---She is NOT a big advocate of thong (moving bacteria from the anus to the vagina)

    --And yes, you can do 'lite' cleaning in the vagina, but nothing too abrasive.

    Oh also, you can go underwear less at night (when you sleep) this allows extra "breathing" down there, whereas sleeping in your undies keep moisture there at night.

    Hope this is helpful.
  14. I recommend Dove soap for washing 'down there' lol its pretty gentle
  15. Summer's Eve came up with "that" type of cleanser to increase profits. Just use a mild bar soap like Ivory soap or Dove soap on the exterior, rinse well and you'll be fine. :yes:

    And don't forget that there are , shall we say, two sides to the story. In other words, don't forget to wash up what you sit on, if you catch my drift.