I have a Question about Chanel?

  1. I know Chanel is made in France. One of the picture that I found in EBAY that the tag said MADE IN ITALY. It is weird and confused. Here is the picture:
  2. chanel bags are also made in italy.
  3. Made in France or Made in Italy is correct, never Made in Paris.
    But that doens't mean they're real!
  4. Swanky is right. You will never see a Chanel handbag that says "Made in Paris." Although, some of the pricier evening bags are made in Italy as well as some of the handbags from the Sports collection.
  5. Yup, the east/west that my fren got for me from Paris does say "MADE IN ITALY".
  6. Thanks guys : D
  7. Yup, Italy is definitely Ok. But like Swanky said, avoid anything that says Paris..nothing is ever made IN Paris.