I have a Q...

  1. My friend is thinking of selling his glace steve, as he feels he just doesn't get enough use out of it. But he was wondering how much he would get for it on eBay for example, it is LE, but is it highly sought after? It's in perfect condition, and obviously he would set a reserve, hejust isn't sure if it would be worth it.
  2. Really depends on the demand for the Glace Steve. Excellent pictures definitely is a plus with all the bells and whistle. Your friend might want to put a reserve on his Glace if doesn't want to sell it for less. There's always the established sellers that take advantage of less establish sellers by buying low and turning it around to sell high. I hope your friend will sell high. Good luck!
  3. glace is a product that i have seen sell for a good price recently. i have been watching many a glace and mat items and have seen that trend.