i have a problem..

  1. with buying lip gloss and eyeshadow.....i have like 7 lipglosses unopened and maybe 20 unopened eyeshadows?

    does...anyone..have the same problem?? :graucho:
  2. send them to me, that way you wont have a problem anymore O_o
  3. I do!
  4. Well, this is the purse forum! We are obsessors! At least it's not 7 unopened Birkin bags!
  5. I am a makeup whore...its awful...but I do open it and use it all...
  6. I absolutely have this problem. Especially with lip gloss, lip stick and lip stains.
  7. LOL! Yes, I suffer from this problem too! Especially with lipglosses. I have no idea how many I have, but I would guess about 50...
  8. OH!!! and can I just add the that all the holiday makeup special additions are killing me!! lol MAC, Chanel, Stila, etc...I have bought tons!! :amazed::biggrin:
  9. at least yours are opened and new! :yes: my issue is that i buy and buy and buy-and as soon as i buy it, i open it up, use it once, and then it sits there, never to be touched again (or maybe months later)-so i currently have probably close to 30 lipglosses and lipsticks and god only knows how many eyeshadows sitting around-i spend a fortune on cosmetics, i LOVE makeup so much. another issue of mine is buying a million eyeshadows in similar shades-i.e. i have about 20 pink eyeshadows, many of which look exactly the same :cursing:.
  10. lol i have the same problem. lately its been mascara and lipgloss.... bought 5 mascaras last week LOL. I keep making excuses for it, such as lancome for falsies look, dior everyday...chanel for casual dinner...base.. etc
    not to mention the glosses :push: i bought so much! especially after reading about chanel gloss being so great....right now tPF and I have a hate and love relationship for making me spend so much!lol!
  11. Yes, I can't even keep up with it all! I need to stop but then I see something amazing that I simply must try out!
  12. I buy tons of lip balms! Tubes, salves, squeeze vaseline--I can't get enough of the stuff. Honestly, I have lip balm in every room of my house. DH hates it!
  13. Me too! It's everywhere, I keep one in every bag..sometimes I buy multiples of the same kind. But at least I use lip balm really often.
  14. I used to buy glitter and metallic eyeshadows and lip glosses then I realize I stopped partying 8 years ago :girlsigh:
  15. DH stops laughing about my lip gloss addiction...now he even surprises me with new stock once in awhile...and if I'm out of my favorites he will replenish them, so I can focus on buying NEW stuff! WOO HOO!!!!
    I'm not as bad with eyeshadow, but definitely mascara and body lotion. Most of my lotion is unused but I have a huge cabinet full.