I have a problem LOL! Come look!

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  1. I just collected all my Coach bags to take a picture, finally.

    Im waiting on a 4 more things to add to it....Mahogany Duffle and Wristlet, a black wristlet and a skull charm.


    But do you see the problem? Im addicted to BLACK!!! I have one WHITE! And a Maghogany on the way!! And a PURPLE scarf.

    I have a hard time buying color:shame: And I dont know why. I need to break myself!!
  2. Its a great collection :yes: , but I agree you do need some color lol. Life isn't all black and white, neither should your bag collection! At least you're branching out to the Mahogany!!!!! Or start using colorful scarves on your bags. I have the same problem when it comes to shoes, almost all my shoes are black!
  3. Nice collection! Maybe buy some cute keyfobs, scarves and charms to add color to your pretty black bags! I love charms for adding color to my bags. I tend to buy brown alot!
  4. Hi. Where can I find a scull charm? Is that an old one? TIA.


    nevermind..i did a search on coach.com for scull and nothing came up..but went to the charms and found it. Thanks. It is adorable! I love it.
  5. Nice collection! It's funny, I'm the opposite...I like colorful bags or white bags. Everytime I get a black bag, I return it :smile: Black does go with everything though. I should have a black bag as I also like colorful shirts and I tend to look like Rainbow Brite when I get dressed:graucho:.
  6. :roflmfao: Funny. I can totally relate. I am one of those who always purchases blacks, tans, whites..... safe colors....never any patterns or any other colors. In the last year I've started to add color to my wardrobe and also have started with my handbags....lol. I'm even trying to get color in my shoes. I always opt for black or brown. My husband actually purchased me a few colorful kitten heels last year...beautiful shoes from a Nordies sale and I never wore them but I will this year.
  7. Wonderful collection btw! Forgot to add that before:p. I love that little picture frame keychain. I was looking at that one today when I purchased the soho mini skinny in white....I was going to purchase it in the green color...I may pick it up soon.
  8. i gots that one in the middle :yes: it's so cute, i have it in khaki and gold, and black :heart: lovely :heart:

    i like my dooney in Platinum grey, it's HOT (pic below along with coaches), and i also have a dooney quilted barrel, grey with black DBs, and red stitching between quilt patches with red leather accents, no pic yet :s sry!

    grey is a nice neutral color, would wean you off of the black and white!

    or maybe you could try a small piece in khaki signature, as it's also neutral?

    OR you could go all out and find some ray of sunshine in a fabulous color! the season of color is definately here... have you seen anything you like?

    i'd suggest something pond or patchwork! patchworks are seasonal and always different so it's like a collectors item, and pond is the "in" color and SO what i'd buy, that or lilac :yes: let us know what you get!
    BlackCoach1.jpg sigCGalleryPouchbrwnkhkigldMINE.jpg MyNewDooney!.jpg
  9. You have a great collection, although it's missing pink! I also have the opposite problem, I've got a bunch of bright pink, bright green, etc. handbags and barely any neutral colors. I need to add some black in there!

    The skull charm is awesome, great choice!
  10. Well you do have a lilac scarf! One of my favorite Coach combinations was a Lilac Suede Flap with Mahogany Leather Trim (2004) Coach is bold with color and uses unexpected color combinations. You know what colors you really like! You just need to be brave and use a color like you "own" it. One of the Olson twins(?) Marykate/Ashley always carries a pistachio (green) balenciaga. Which I thought was fun!
  11. It is missing PINK! And I love pink. Actually there was a pink legacy on eBay...but the bids are getting way up there....:sad:

    Yall have some good suggestions....I think me being up here in Alaska where are winters are very very long and dark is part of the problem!

    One more year until we hit the lower 48....Maybe I will be more inclined to go with color then!
  12. GREAT collection!

    I agree with tlloveshim... dress up your bags with fun charms, scarves and/or keyfobs. Play around with different accessories and go with what you like! :yes:
  13. Nice collection. But you need some color in that collection. They have a great light blue bag right now.
  14. great suggestions so far.

    i make it a goal to get a bag in every necessary color: black, white, brown --> each in leather and sig! and well i think im done but hey no im not now i can go to colors like blue!

    start with a khaki sig because most khaki sig prints will go very well with just about anything AND if you get something like the carly you can have a different color trim. you can even REALLY mix it up by getting the sig stripe tote in PUNCH or BLUE!!!!
  15. Hey IMO, the more black the better!! Black is a year 'round staple for me no matter the designer (along with chocolate brown) so collections like these make me smile big. sure a little color is OK now and then, but your investment in neutrals is always a sure bet.

    Rock that Coach, girl!!