I have a PCE card

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  1. Somehow I ended up with 2. There is still a week left of PCE so if someone wanted to Paypal me the postage (priority mail 2-3 days is $4.60+) I could send it out ASAP & there would still be time to shop:nogood:
  2. I think you should check with vlad or megs or a mod to see if this is okay for you to do. no buying or selling on the forum and all that KWIM?
  3. Thank you both, but in looking through the past postings, this is where offers for PCE cards have been posted. Im afraid it will get buried in the PCE post.
    And I am NOT selling my PCE card..... I would be getting reimbursed for the postage, so I would not be making any money. Again, in the previous postings, people have offered to pay for postage.
    I used this thread for reference

    Thanks :smile:
  4. ^You are correct, this is where previous posts for PCE cards have been posted, but once the sticky for PCE was made, Swanky wanted all new PCE related posts to be done in there. :smile: The other ones have been made in error since then.
  5. It is spoken for now anyway:smile:
  6. oh. thats probably fine then...
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