I have a PCE card and yet nothing to buy :o(

  1. I don't want to waste it but it expires on the 30th and there is nothing I want on the website and there is no coach store within a 3 hour radius of me since I moved :o(

    Do they sell on eBay? Would I just email the code or do they need the actual card?
  2. They sell on eBay but it's pretty ridiculous to sell something that's free to some people. I'd just offer it up to the first person who responds on here. You'd have to actually send the card though, there's no code attached to it I don't think.
  3. I'm sure there are plenty of people that want one, well actually maybe not since thy are practically giving the discount to everyone that asks....

    I've ssen some go for up to $30 but that's before it was extended. Now it probably wouldn't sell since almost anyone can get it without the card.
  4. Since you're nowhere near a boutique, how about calling and seeing if they'll honor your discount by doing a phone order? That's what I did.
  5. Like I said I don't like anything on the website and I get get to the store to see if there are any store "exclusives". i loved the signature print ergo (sp?) but it isn't on the site anymore!

    They give it to anyone that asks now? That's dumb because now I don't feel special :crybaby:
  6. Is the code below the barcode not a code to use "online"?
  7. No you can't get the discount on online orders....

    If you wanted the scarf print tote or somethnig get the style number and call a store and tell them you want to order it and ask if you can get the PCE discount...

    I did my order over the phone and they gave me the discount and free shipping.
  8. Well they extended it and sent out some new cards but I know a lot of peopel just ask and they gave it to them... I think since they screwed up this time around they felt they needed to.
  9. well they don't have the scarf print erago (sp?) on the net anymore. Does that mean they're sold out?
  10. Not necessarily...but I believe the scarf prints are now hitting the outlets??
  11. Maybe on the site but stores probably still have them. I'd advise to either call the 1800 number or just call a couple different botiques and see if they have the one you want and can order it for you...

    Try the Coach store in Buffalo, NY Walden Galleria. I know I was there Monday and they had them.

  12. Oh yeah that's right. I thought she was talking about the NEW scarf print. But yup the older scarf print should be in outlets and that's why they are removing them from the site, as well as cotton signatuire and other ergos.
  13. Yup, you may have to call the 800 number and have them order it for you. I just ordered the sig black ergo and they had to search nationwide for it, however they didn't give me free shipping...which sucks.
  14. thanks. Does anyone remember the price on the specific scarf print one? I don't remember for the life of me but i was in love when I saw it LOL
  15. booo, you have to pay for shipping? i wish I was closer to the damn store.