I have a PAYPAL situation!!


Nov 9, 2006
I have been a memeber with paypal and ebay for a while now and I just sold my brothers PS2 with 30 games because he got the new PS3.. The system was in perfect working condition and all the games were good. The lady won the bidding for $220.00. I sent it to her ASAp as soon as i reviceved the payment. She got it 2 days later and said everything was good but there was a problem with the door opening I told her do u noe how to use it. she said yea. I told her to fins some one that knows how to use the system that was it. I wake up the next morning check my email before I go to class I see I have an open dispute from her she told paypal that all the games were scrateched and that nothing works. Shes insane and now she wants a refund for everything even the shipping no way i told paypla my story and put it to a claim because I know she is lying.
What should I do???. Paypal even put the money on hold and even charged me cancellation fees!!!
Do u think shell win the case:hysteric:

Did you keep the e-mail she sent you saying everything was relatively O.K.?

(I mean, logically, how many things could have gone wrong literally over night???)
Somebody should correct me here if this is wrong, but it's my understanding that before she can escalate a claim with Paypal a certain amount of time needs to have elapsed and that during that time the two of you are supposed to try to work something out. No? What DOES she want? A refund or a partial refund?