I have a papillon, do I need a speedy?

  1. I have a papillon 26 (monogram) from several years ago. It's cute but I find it too small and cannot be carried over the shoulder. does speedy 25 or speedy 30 come with shoulder strap? and do I really need it given that I have a papillon already? anybody here have both and can offer advice? thanks in advance...
  2. I think you can always use another bag!!:yes: I believe you can buy a strap for use with the speedy, also. I say get it!!!!
  3. speedy don't come w/shoulder strap, but you can purchase shoulder strap separately, keep in mind the speedy is not designed to be used w/shoulder strap b/c you will have the attach the straps at the handles not the sides since there's no D drings on the side of speedy. Some pp find it award looking, some find it useful for power shopping, even daily useage. Do a search in this forum, and you will find similar topics being discussed before w/pix :yes:

    pap and speedy is two different type of handbag, one is shoulder and one is hand held, pp love speedy's roomy and classic design, yet others find it's too common, not everyone find it comfortable to shop w/, or it's weight on your wrist if you stuff too much in it.

    if you are looking for a shoulder bag, stick w/BH, BV etc. or Damier Saleya, good luck! :flowers:
  4. I have a Pap 26, 30 and a Speedy 25 so yes... :p
  5. yes definately yes!
  6. Sure, I have a Papillon 30 and a Speedy 30!
  7. It sounds like you are desiring a shoulder bag. Look into the Batignolles, the PH, or the Seleya.
  8. There are many shoulder bags if thats what your looking for. You can buy a strap and out it on your speedy too.
  9. You don't need to buy a Speedy, but it would be a great addition! If you want a shoulder bag, like what others said go for a Batignolles Horizontal, Popincourt Haut, Saleya, or a Coussin (one of my favorites)!
  10. Everyone needs a speedy :nuts:
  11. Yes! You need a speedy to company your papillon. *lol* I think they are quite different bags, if you want to get one, go for 30. But, IMO, I don't think that speedy looks good with strap - on shoulder.

    If you want something that can be carried on your arms and shoulder, maybe can consider Josephine PM? Just a suggestion. :smile:

    And of course, speedy will always be the classic tote that can lasts for years!
  12. If you're tired of a handheld bag then I would say don't get the speedy. I would look more towards something like the BV.
  13. if ur looking for a shoulder bag than speedy really is not the one to get. i have both pap and speedy my pap 30 can be worn on the shoulder.

    i'll suggest u to wait for the new damier bag to come out first before making a decision on which shoulder bag to get.
  14. a yes for me!
  15. i have both the pap26 and the speedy25. i made sure to get them in different prints (pap in mono and speedy in damier) but even if they were the same print, I think they're two different bags.

    However if you really want a shoulder bag, get a different bag