I have a new puppy problem :(

  1. I originally have a miniature schnauzer that's already 2.5 yrs old. This week, I brought home a 4 mo miniature schnauzer. They play fine but the problem is that my older dog has been peeing/pooping all around the house :sad: He's never done that and I know it's him because the other dog is in the crate the whole time. I don't know what could be wrong.. :confused1: Has this ever happened to anyone??
  2. I just introduced my older dog to a new puppy. My older one has not made a mess, just some real rough playing that makes me nervous, but I wonder if it is from the excitement or nervousness of the new puppy.
  3. He may be acting out since now you've brought a new puppy into your house..maybe he's acting jealous? Or maybe he's putting his scent out making sure the puppy gets the idea that your older dog has the upper hand there?
  4. It's a submissive behavior. It will stop in a couple of weeks. My dog did it too when I got a second dog.