I have a new LV gift, but I don't. (sigh)

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  1. So basically, I'm in grad school in Scotland while my mom is back home in Hong Kong. She went to South Korea for Chinese New Year and she bought me a Sac Plat PM in Mono! It's a much needed piece in my opinion, since I'm in business school and I'm constantly having meetings and have to carry tons of documents / folders. It would go perfectly with my Pochette Accessories NM (used with a crossbody strap).

    The story is my mom got 7% tax refund from South Korea on the gift, and she refuses to send the bag to me in Scotland, as "a matter of principle". It will cost around £60 to send it over with insurance, she said that was like her buying it without the tax refund. (she wouldn't let me pay for the shipping either)

    SO NOW I HAVE TO WAIT 8 MONTHS TO GET MY NEW BABY! (until she comes over to visit) I know I sound like a spoilt brat, but it's frustrating when you have a new LV, it's also the case that you don't? My mom is so silly but also the greatest mom in the world.

    Thought I'd share this little story. :smile:
  2. try to see it positive: she is already home waiting for you and you'll get it as a gift!!! as you saved money you can
    buy something else meanwhile.... lol

  3. just an idea... 😜
  4. LOL! Do you have any friends or family travelling soon that can bring you the bag?
  5. that sucks :sad:
  6. O my goodness. That would drive me nuts! But at least you know you HAVE it!
  7. Darn it! Maybe use this as an excuse to visit home? XD
  8. That really sucks and I would be frustrated since you could be using it for school instead of it waiting for you for 8 months!
  9. Annoying I guess, but you have something to look forward to :smile: and what a generous gift, congrats!
  10. So close, but so far!
  11. It sounds like your mom may be stubborn :smile: but maybe she is really excited for her visit and wants to give this to you in person?

    Good luck on your wait!
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    Ahh! Wow that'd be a tad frustrating. Heh.
    I once got myself something from a secondhand dealer in the US, and had to wait 6 months before a planned trip in which I could pick it up. 8 months is a bit much! At the time, I didn't want to have it shipped to me here because of shipping fees AND the fact that I'd surely have been charged a ton in customs.

    Thankfully I was able to "forget" about it fairly soon, so, say, after the first month, I didn't notice too much. I probably noted the months until about 2.5 months were left, then I totally had gotten it "out of my system" and it didn't bug me.

    Here's hoping you can "forget," too! :okay:
  13. Treat yourself to something in the meantime and you'll still have something to look forward to when your mum visits. ;) Where are you studying? I'm a Glasgow Uni alumnus!
  14. Thanks everybody for your comments and being non-judgmental + understanding!

    But yeah, I think my mom really wants to give this to me in person when she visits me. Meanwhile, I won't have time to visit HK since grad school has taken over my life and I was just there for Christmas. She's already made plans to come see me in September / October and we are going to Paris (again)! You all know what that entails! :cool::biggrin:

    Meanwhile, I've got my eyes set on an Alma BB. I am not sure whether I want a Vernis / Mono / Epi one yet, but I might get one between now and September!

    I am in Glasgow! I'm currrently doing a Masters in Business & Management at Strathclyde Business School. I am a Glasgow Uni alumnus as well, just graduated from my undergraduate degree in philosophy! :biggrin: (I recognized your Scottish accent from your videos!)
  15. That's great! Best of luck with your master's! :smile: