I have a new Holy Grail......

  1. OK, so DH & I are at a Charity Ball last night, and I'm sitting next to a lovely Japanese couple, clients of my husbands, and there is an Hermes Scarf as part of an auction lot...the Japanese lady and I start discussing the Hermes scarf, and if she'll bid on the auction lot...lo and behold an hour later were still talking Hermes! I'd found a kindred spirit!....so, I tell of my desire for vert anis, and she says oh, you like green? Asks her husband for his wallet, pulls out a photo of herself wearing a crocodile Kelly (32), and says "this is one of my favourites"....

    Now. The colour is to die for....I'm just staring goggle-eyed at this photo, and I ask, 'what colour is this?"........"Jasmin", she replies......

    Holy Thundering Jesus, Lilach & HG were SOOOOO right.....this is my nre Holy of Holy Grail colours........I don't even want Beige-rose anymore....

    It was like the colour of celery......yellow undertones, just so lovely I can't describe it.......

    Now I'm on the hunt, and I may never see another one......but I'm looking!!!!!!
  2. Gosh darn it, you should've snapped a picture of it with your camera phone!!!:nuts:
  3. Can you change your order still do you think??
  4. ^C...no vert jasmin anymore......boo hoo......they no longer do it.......
  5. see my dear i told you and believe me i pray that the rumours turn ot to be true !
  6. Argh, they MUST bring back the color! I also see Vert Crue back in production!
  7. Oh Wow!
    We must get you this bag, somehow!!! Maybe on the resale market! But when something strikes you THAT much you need to have it!
  8. ggreentea - I would sell my newborn for that bag........ohhhhhhhhh
  9. awww that's just too bad GF, the color sounds stunning:nuts:
  10. you were soooooo right!!!

    LOL, I felt like an idiot, but I asked to take the photo outside so I could have a look under decent lighting (it was dark inside the ballroom - masquerade theme)....she let me, so I'm standing in the foyer of this hotel, staring at a photo of a Japanese man's wife!!!
  11. Holy Cow, K! Somehow, somewhere we must find that bag for you! When something knocks your socks off as this did, you MUST have it!!!!!!!!
  12. Isn't it amazing how many beautiful things Hermes has produced?? And almost every moment a new piece can capture your imagination and become your new obsession. I wish you the very best in hunting down a piece 'jasmin', it sounds just beautiful!!
  13. I totally agre with Greentea on this comment! That is what it is all about.:heart:
  14. I wish I had a swatch to show you all......I told her it reminded me of green sea-glass, she said it reminded her of the pale green powder the Japanese make the tea from in their tea-ceremonies........*sigh*......
  15. Oh, K, I'm glad to see you finally saw this color. Isn't it everything I said it was? Truly breathtaking. You must see it IRL. The last time I saw it, besides my next door neighbor, was on a vintage bag on eBay France. This color IRL would stop you dead in your tracks. And I have to agree, I much prefer it over rose beige..................and I don't normally do green.
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