I have a new friend - Alexa!

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  1. Hi everyone

    I posted a thread last week about visiting the Mulberry factory shop in Shepton Mallet. I came back empty handed, but today on an impulse buy I bought a black Alexa satchel! Thought I would share it with you all as I'm in love :yahoo:

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  2. Oh, lovely! Congratulations! What size did you get?
  3. Lovely bag!
  4. Beautiful one you got! Congrats :biggrin:
  5. :nuts: Oh wow, it is GORGEOUS! Many congratulations and enjoy! :biggrin:

  6. :dothewave:
  7. Very handsome friend you have there, great classic combo of black leather and gold hardware - congratulations!
  8. Just lovely - congratulations. Yay for impulse buys!!
  9. ooh that looks lovely! and the leather looks so pebbly! congrats
  10. Gorgeous! The leather looks yummy! :tup:
  11. That is lovely - Congrats :biggrin:
  12. Wow Steph - I never thought you would find a black Alexa at SM. Well worth the trip - congratulations.
  13. oooh loving your new best friend !! Its devine.

    Congrats on your gorgeous new bag, I bet you cannot wait to use it :biggrin:
  14. Wow Steph, that's a beautiful Alexa.
    The leather looks gorgeous, and identical to the leather on my inky.
  15. Lovely alexa!