I Have A New Favorite Choo It Just Arrived

  1. I am really loving this one:heart:. What I think is so awsome about all the different Ramonas is the material JC uses. With a change in the type of leather the bag has a new look. Leather, patent, suede, biker leather, they all hang a little differently. This one is a little more structured and a little less slouchy due to the thickness of the suede. It is down right delicious in person!




    choo 1.jpg choo 5.jpg choo 4.jpg choo 3.jpg
  2. :tup::yahoo:
    Your new Choo is stunning - Love your bag
  3. Samantha I think is useless to tell you that she looks gorgeous on you....great choice
  4. I have also thought about getting this bag. I'm just afraid that it could get stained quicky or absorb color from darker clothing. What do you think?

    It looks just amazing, love it!:yahoo:
  5. Beautiful bag! They had the Riki in this fabric at Bloomingdales in San Francisco...I was soooo tempted. Love the shoes as well!
  6. OOOhh! It's lovely!!
  7. Your new Choo is awesome - so is your dog!
  8. Samantha, you look fabulous with it. Congrats.
  9. Samantha,
    As always you make every Choo look so AMAZING:drool: I am surprised to see jeans ;)in the hot Florida summer:confused1:
    As I said before, you could slap any label on a brown paper bag and make it look Amazing and we would all want to run out and buy one:nuts:
  10. Samantha Robyn is right - You look awesome and would make a grocery sack look good.
    I wish you would not chop your head off in your pics though.
  11. I think the leather will be fine. You might need to be careful with dark wash denim otherwise wear as usual. I am pretty careful with my bags though.
  12. Thanks for showing my new bag some Jimmy Choo love ladies:love::flowers:

    jmcadon, I say get, it get it!
  13. Thank you so much Robyn:smile:

    Florida does get hot. I do wear jeans year round though, but in the summer, usually only in the evening. After living in Florida for awhile you get used to the heat and do tend to dress with the seasons more.

    Hey don't let my dh find out out about your brown paper bag idea:graucho: . I really think he would like it:nuts:.

    Can't wait to see your Rock!
  14. Ha ha:roflmfao:.I know the photos look sooo funny. My little boy says " Mommy, where is your head. I want to see your head." It is a little silly.I know.
  15. ha ha ...mums the word...

    Your dog is beautiful too.