I have a new Chamois Edith!

  1. A special thanks to Daisy for hooking me up with a new medium Chamois Edith! Most of you probably read the story last week where I waited almost two weeks to receive a Chamois from Nordstrom that arrived with a busted stitch on the pocket. I fell in love with the bag, and mourned its departure. :cry:

    Enter Daisy, who had in her possession both a medium and large Chamois. Thank goodness for me that she decided to keep the large! She sent the medium back to Saks and connected me with her s/a. The bag arrived yesterday and I could not be more pleased!! It is better than the Nordstrom bag - perfect color (warm golden camel), texture, and has the best distressing ever, even better than my photos convey. Take a look and a big round of applause for Daisy! :yahoo: for PF!!!

    :love: :heart: :love: :heart:
    NewChamoisEdithHall.JPG NewChamoisEdithTable.JPG NewChamoisEdithHoldFurbie.JPG NewChamoisEdithHold2.JPG
  2. Have mercy! That is sooooooooooo pretty. I want one.
  3. OMG...it is the most beautiful bag...congrats...I love it and am so happy for you.:love: Yes the PF is wonderful!!!:yes:
  4. I love that color! Congrats!
  5. Congrats! Glad you found a perfect one..It is gorgeous!
  6. Aw, Roey! She looks soooooooooooooo great on you! I'm so glad she went to a great new mama and shall live happily ever after. She does look rather delightful!

    omg, KITTY!!
  7. Love it, Roey!! I'm so happy you found one. Daisy is a sweetheart!
  8. Thanks all! Daisy - that is Furbie, my Himalayan cat. He just had his 17th birthday earlier this month. I hope he has another few years left with me. He's a love!
  9. OMG that is the BEST eFFing EDITH by far!!!:nuts::yahoo: :nuts: I can't believe the beautiful scrumples! I can't believe the gorgeous shape! I can't believe what Daisy was thinking!?! :lol: :flowers: But now you BOTH have GORGEOUS chamois Ediths! Big WOOT WOOT to roey and Daisy!!! :biggrin:
  10. :heart: Furbie.
  11. Oooh!!! Congrats!!! She's absolutely gorgeous!!
  12. I love happy endings! Your Edith is beautiful!
  13. LOL, Blu... can you believe I didn't like that bag at first? I grew to love her of course but I'm wondering what I was thinking too! I love Lil' C on Roey more than on myself but I'm so happy with my gigantor bag. Yay!

    My Choco is next on the chopping block! :shocked:
  14. :lol: Me too! :lol: I have become SOOOO fickle thanks to this board!!

    I :heart: furbie too! Note to self: google theCatForum!
  15. Ack, I've lost track... without Choco what will that leave you with? Do you have a Chamois?? I can't find my PF notes... :lol: