I have a new buddy

  1. Her name is Evelyne. Let me tell you, she's a trooper! I can take her to the barn with me, she doesn't mind carrying a water bottle or my laptop. Don't get me wrong, I love Princess Kelly too, but she only comes out on special occasions so far.
    Ms Evelyne is a GM and I believe Clemence leather, GHW. She's from 1994. I am thinking of sending her off to the Spa but cannot bear the thought of not having her for a couple of weeks....:crybaby:
    Evelyne1.jpg Evelyne2.jpg Evelyne3.jpg
  2. She is gorgeous!!!!:nuts:
  3. soo cool! love it!
  4. What a fabulous everyday bag! While I'm generally conscious of wearing my Kelly (and Birkin too but more so my Kelly) your bag is the sort that just becomes a part of you and is like a friend at your side. Love it!! Where did you find her?
  5. Your buddy is very pretty! Who knew she was such a work horse, too!
  6. Wow! She looks fantastic on you -- and so chic and sporty with that piping!
  7. Congrats! A perfect every day friend!
  8. Congrats!
  9. I likes your new buddy :yes:

  10. On German eBay!:yahoo:
  11. Hello, that is a wonderful bag! Love the two tone look:flowers: I was told by H. SA that it was one of the oldest styles and it was used by riders because they could wear it across the chest while riding. I guess you can give that the acid test and let us know:flowers:
  12. GK, I swear it's the most comfortable bag that I have ever worn. I just kind of molds to your body. Also the shoulder strap is very comfortable, neither cuts nor slides. The bag is very light. Also, it sits just right. A lot of the messenger style bags just bounce up and down on your hip when you walk - I hate that. Ms Evelyne doesn't bounce at all, she's just there nicely and quietly.
  13. Congrats Hello!!!:yahoo: That is a gorgeous Evelyne, I love the black/tan combo!!!
  14. Ok I think I'm convinced = the trick is to get the Evelyne in a dark color - that's what my SA said - she might get one in this color vert olive or vert bronze - something like that - she said the dots aren't that obvious in a dark color - do you find that true?
  15. Congrats!!!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: She's a great bag isn't she? Love the colors on yours!
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