I have a new best friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Remember my store sold my Pomme heart to someone else, even though I started the list for them, well I had called 1866 and they basically laughed at me when I suggested they look for me , said I would never find the Pomme , wait list ect............... Well I was calling another store yesterday and it connected me to 1866 , well I found the BEST customer service person, he found me a Pomme heart, and a silver cosmetic case, he even called me back to make sure that the stores followed thru with me, HE WAS AWESOME! I always complain on pf , when I have a bad experience and it makes me feel better, lol. If you guys need a hard to find item , he will track it down for you and follow up, he said to call him anytime , his name is Joesph he is the only Joeseph there, he is so patient, use him!!!!! I will for everything hat is coming out, lol. :heart:
  2. lol so happy for you!! thanks for the info, i'll keep his name tucked away :graucho:
  3. what a nice guy, I would call customer service and ask for a supervisor and say what outstanding service this person preformed for you. As a retired sales manager, these things do go into their file and are recognized.
    Congrats on your new heart and cosmetic cases
  4. That's great news! Congrats on finding it and I'll keep Joseph in mind. :graucho:
  5. That's wonderful news. I love great CS reps! I agree with newcitylady - you should either write an email or letter to LV corporate to let them know what a great job he did.
  6. That's wonderful!!
  7. Lucky you - congrats.
    And nice to hear a positive story - they are just as important, if not even more, than the complain stories.

  8. Aw, congrats, I'm so glad they found one for you!!
  9. Finally! Congrats! :tup:
  10. Yay! I'm glad you got them!
  11. YAY!!! I'm happy you found one!!!
  12. Yippee! I am so happy you got a heart and found an amazing 866 rep! Congrats!
  13. yay, that's great! congrats!
  14. It's really nice to know there are SA's who take pride in their work! THanks for posting this----what a great story!
    Congrats on your new purchases! Enjoy!:tup:
  15. Great news! I had a feeling things would turn out for you!