I have a new baby called Stam

  1. Hi guys, you will understand my excitement :biggrin: We don't have many MJ bags where I live so I was very surprised when I just bumped in a few Stam bags yesterday!! I originally wanted a new Balenciaga bag, but when I saw this beauty I totally fell in :heart: ... The other big stam bags were a bit too stuctured for me, give me a 05 fall one any time ;)
    So I tried different colours (there were a few shades of brown) and also this black one...I loved the brown colour (cashew?) but the black one was the coolest, 'chicest' and the black goes really well with the golden chain! Also, unlike the big ones, the chain is not too heavy at all and not just 'hangs' there :amuse: It's a perfect bag to go out (not for every day use, though) and I'm soooo happy!!! If someone has a pic of her baby stam, please post it!!
  2. Another pic to compare the size with my Bbag and iPod... I think it's not too small at all :flowers:
  3. Is that a baby Stam? WOw, it looks really cute!
  4. wow. i like it. can you post a picture with it on?
  5. I love the baby Stam! Congrats!
  6. Yeah, I LOVEEEE the baby stam in cashew and black too! The stam is really really really gorgeous but it's just too big for me :biggrin: Sure hope you'll have lotsa fun with your new baby! :biggrin:
  7. aaaw Thank you guys!!! I'm still happy I got it...which means a lot :lol:
  8. I bought a baby stam in mouse, but then returned it because of the size. I'm still in the air about buying a regular one in black. I love the black stam.
  9. How small is the baby stam? Show us a pic of you and your bag
  10. ohhh, i love that. congrats! :biggrin:
  11. Congrats! It's so cute!
  12. Congrats, it is so cute!
  13. Ahhh! so cute!:heart:
  14. Aw, I love your baby stam!! Hmmm makes me want to rush out and buy my own baby.....stam, of course :lol:
  15. I am confused, I bought a stam last fall from Saks, it is smaller than the large one, but the inside is suede in a dark tone, I believe the price was in the $700's - is this the baby stam?-the baby stam pictured has the twill lining?-when did it change? and does anyone have the measurements on the baby stam?-I don't know if mine is a baby or a toddler or which one?