I have a minor purse delimma


Jul 26, 2007
*Warning* Very long post!

Ok. I have a small delimma I need some help with. I have a Mandy that I adore, but she has just gotten to big and heavy for me to really be comfortable with. I usually use her as an everyday bag and throw in a diaper and a bottle for my little one. Shes been working out just fine except that she is just so heavy. When I go out by myself I hate to take her because she is so big. I thought about selling her to get a new bag, BUT Christmas is coming so I really cannot get a new bag right now because it would hurt my dh's feelings becuase he wants to be the one to get me a new bag(I know kinda sad for me) So I thought if I got the Legacy shoulder bag-the one with the 2 pockets on the front-in the same color as my Mandy that basically I would just be getting a smaller Mandy. See where I am going? I would'nt be getting a new bag-just a smaller one. I know the '06 shoulder is smaller and probably will not hold my diaper and bottle, but that will be ok. So between the 2 which one should I use? I do not carry very much-just a envelope wallet and a few small essentials. The Mandy I love because honestly I just stuff everything in there(perhaps why she is sooooo heavy!). So do you think I would be making a good decision getting the shoulder and selling the Mandy, or should I just leave it as is?


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Aug 2, 2006
hhmmmm I also bought the Mandy but never used her because as much as I loved her looks, she was huge and REALLY heavy to me!!! :tdown: THe shoulder bag I never bought, I liked it, but it was smaller and right under my arm.. I think you are right in that it is more liike a mini mandy but the size difference will be a big deal. Maybe if you find a good deal on a shoulder you could buy it and see what you think? If not, there are other bags out there that may work better for you.. like a Carly, or a Leigh maybe? Let us know what you decide!!! :yes:


Sep 10, 2006
In the south
I would wait (if possible) until after Christmas before selling your Mandy for another bag. Since your DH wants to get you a new bag, wait and see what he gets for you. He may get you a bag that can fulfill the needs that Mandy does including your diaper and bottle. Then you could sell your Mandy and get something else!