I have a mini Natascha, do I need a Percy? (Old model)

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  1. How much of a size difference is it? It a percy a bit of a waste when i already have a mini natascha?

    Is the use of those two bags different? Does anyone here have them both? :smile:
  2. I think the Percy holds a lot less. I use it when I grab my key case and phone for trips to the grocery store and it's perfect. It quite flat so it's really a good low profile cross body.
  3. I know it holds a lot less :smile: It would be something to take those days where I would only take my MBMJ coin purse in the hand... Hmm.. What are you thinking?
  4. I think the old Percy is a bit more dressy in that you can remove the strap completely and use it as a clutch. I did think of buying it as well for that reason only, but my mini natasha in black & gold looks good enough to transition from day to night, holds my daily essentials but small enough to wear in the evenings too.
  5. Thanks.. I was wondering if the size difference is big enough to justify for the invstment when i already have the nasasha :smile:
  6. I have both :smile: I just got the mini Natasha a couple of weeks ago - had to buy it, now that it gets discontinued.

    The Percy is the perfect bag for what you want - I use it the same way ;)
    It does hold a lot more than you think - I once got a water bottle in there :-O

    So my advice is to buy it!
    Do you want it in black??
  7. Only if you would use them at different times, I think. Which is what I do.

    If they were different colors or were for certain purpose, you would get use out of both. If your Natasha fills your small bag needs, then maybe that's all you need. You could spend the bucks on something else.
  8. The percy holds less definitely, but a little bit easier to use :smile:
  9. I have the Percy. Just got the mini Natasha. I was looking for something a little bigger. The Percy holds my "wallet" which is an LV mini pochette, phone, keys, lipstick, receipts. If I switch to a card holder, I have put in a small bottle of water with the top sticking out or sunglasses with the case.
  10. I have the mini Natasha and I love it. I think, if you want, you can buy the Percy as well. They're not the same and they are both really pretty! ;)