I have a love hate relationship....

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  1. with this forum!!! I love being here to talk about bags and obsess, but man, sometimes all this eye candy makes my head spin and hurt! Its like a sensory overload or something:P

    What are your thoughts about this place.....

    You love it , it drives you crazy....you love it more!
  2. I love this forum way too much that I've been dreaming about bags bags bags all day and night long. Ya, I got problems... lol
  3. Since I found this forum, I'm here all the time!!!!

    I too am guilty about dreaming of bags,
    what ones do I want... how am I going to pay for them....what colours should I get....what style...
  4. yikes, we all suffer from the same side effects of handbag mania! I am here sooooo much....i spend my time dreaming too about the perfect combinations, when I'll get a new bag...obsessing...if you guys are in the gym doing cardio....this is really a good way to pass time on boring machines-see, no problems leaving the mp3 player at home by accident:P

    I could live my life comfortably in a luxury handbag:biggrin:
  5. I absolutely love this sight especially since I now know their is a such thing as purse obsessive women, me being one. But I hate the fact, my house is getting messier and messier cause Im always doing this! Its so fun tho.
  6. i'm addicted. and i have been spending more $ on bags since i have found this site. Very bad influence! but i love it!
  7. This site is a terrible influence. I was yakking with my mom for awhile and I'm getting a little perspective... I think I'll get my Popincourt and may just pass on the B bag if the waitlist works out.

    THEN I think I'll just observe and enjoy everyone's purchases. I think I might explore jewelry. Something nice and sparkly from Tiffanys could be nice--but I'll need to save up a bit first :P
  8. a confession: I love downloading pics. of potential bag suitors wooing my heart for the moment and placing them in my desktop folder.....then I flip through them all at once when I am obsessing....so horrible:P
  9. Darn it's so true. Addicting. When I got to NM's and Saks, I know more about the bags than the SA's! LOL
  10. Me too! Anyways, Purse Forum is like a boot camp for bag knowledge

  11. i am more into shoes but i like being here, there are many nice people who have many nice things but are not show-offs
  12. I like it here BUT it can be influential (on spending haha) as well.
  13. Very addictive!
  14. Ha ha... I DO THAT TOO!!! I have a folder with pictures of bags and I go through them during my study breaks. :lol:
  15. God, what a place of crazies! My fiance is well aware of this habit of mine....sometimes I make him sit down and rate new pics I download...