I have a Louboutin in the freezer!

  1. I am trying the put water in a ziplock bag, stick it in your shoe and freeze it trick! I have heard many reccomendations for this trectching trick, thought I would give it a try. Was still skeptical but Neo girl said her grandma use to do it, so I figured a grandma trick was worth trying!
    I just hope hubby does not find it, I put it in the one in the garage so hopefully he won't!!
    I will let you all know if it works!! Keeping my fingers crossed.
  2. Awww! I have heard! Please let us know how it does work!!
  3. Oooh I hope it works for you!! If it doesn't..I really hope I wasn't the one to share this trick with you. :amuse: I know I did share this with someone on tPF, I just don't remember who it was. Let us know how it works! I suggest checking every hour or so if possible..that way if it stretches too much or something goes wrong you can get it out of the freezer ASAP. Which shoe is it?
  4. Is this for your yoyo?
  5. I hope it stretches like how you want it to. I'd be worried that it would stretch funny. Best of luck!
  6. No, it's for my left simple. My left foot is apparently bigger. I wore them Christams Eve and felt thet they needed a little more stretch. I am upside down on the yoyo's. I love them but they just pinch in a way I am afraid is not going away. I am either getting a bigger size or another style. They are the sexiest style shoe and I adore them, but I am not going to have a pair of shoes that send sharpe pains thru my entire foot. What is a girl to do??:crybaby:
  7. I do not know who all I heard it from. Noe girl said her Grandma swore by it. Don't worry, I will be obsessing over it and checking constantly. We had a problem with my dad tonignt so I will not get much sleep anyway. All of the sudden he could not walk, I caught in just in time before he fell. Hubby and I had to help him to his bedroom. I called the Doctor I was so worried.
  8. Oh no!! I'm so sorry about your dad! Do you need to bring him to the hospital? Hugs to your whole family! Good luck with everything. I hope he is okay.
  9. ha, that's awesome. im going to try it on my right simple now too! thanks for reminding me!
  10. Almost, but the Doctor said bring him in unless something changes. One of my sisters is a nurse so I called her first and she had me do all this stuff to him. He may have had a mini stroke. My son ( the big strong Marine) is home and he will be here with him tomorrow. It is TERRIBLE when your parents get helpless!! I feel so sorry for him.:crybaby:
  11. So your right foot is bigger??
  12. oh dear i am so sorry to hear that! i understand how that feels, my heart aches whenever something bad happens to my grandma and mom!! i hope everything will turn out fine. it's always good to be around for them. i am giving up going abroad for college just to stay with my family cause you never know what will happen. AND my left foot is bigger lol!

  13. I know what you mean cjy. I cannot take my yoyos, even in the bigger size. I can't bare to part with them, but I almost have no use for them because the way they feel on me. It's too bad!

    I hope your dad is okay. :heart:
  14. Aww I'm sorry hon. Please do get some rest however..taking care of parents is tiring. You need some energy too. :flowers: I hope the shoe stretches nicely. ;)
  15. Thank you! I hope so too, He just could not put one foot in front of the other.
    And thanks for letting me know I am not alone with my yoyo's. I just don't think they were made for all feet. I am not abnormal or anything. It feels like thorns in the insoles. I know the VP and No Prives may not be as sexy, but if the are more comfy I would say that is a sexier look for me. Walking like a robot wincing in pain can't be sexy.
    I believe I will send back to Ann and have her track down the VP or No prives, in NUDE. that is the smart thing to do. I am so sold on that color though,love the nude!:yahoo: