I have a little jewelry coming--but what to get?

  1. My husband wants to get me a piece of jewelry. It is kind of strange. I do a lot of legal work for him and never charge --he is my husband :smile:

    However, I just finished a particularly grueling deal. He asked what I would have billed if it weren't him, and I told him 10-12k. So, he wants to pay for this one in jewelry.

    I'm not sure what to get. Here are my thoughts--I'd love opinions. I have simple 2 ctw diamond studs. Maybe an upgrade. I also think I'd like something like a bezel set pair, but on a hook son to dangle.

    I have a bezel set wedding ring, but no band. Halo upgrade or diamond band to add some dazzle?

    Or, I have a yachtmaster watch. Maybe a Rolex with diamond markers that is dressier?

    Thoughts, opinion, suggestions? Thanks!!
  2. Oooh, a watch! Or what about a watch and maybe some jackets for your current studs to play them up?
  3. I'll need to think some more but I just wanted to say that you have a very sweet hubby. And it sounds like you're sweet to him too! :smile::smile:
  4. ^ jackets sound like a great idea. I've actually been casually looking for some too, but haven't found any that wow me...
  5. Thank you. He is very sweet and we are a team. I would never bill him. This was just really stressful and he wanted to return the favor. AND--he is not a jewelry guy (his biggest flaw), so this is outside his box.

    I like the jacket idea. I know they are must-have staples, but diamond studs don't get me giddy ;)
  6. a tennis bracelet? or a solitaire necklace?
  7. Big eternity band or tennis bracelet :biggrin:
  8. I have a medium size tennis bracelet--not huge, not small. I also have my original stone from my wedding ring as a solitaire necklace. Again, not big, but a very, very good quality 1 carat. There is a trend with my husband's jewelry giving--he likes classic pieces, understated, but good quality. He is not a subscriber to the theory that there is no such thing as a diamond that is too big :smile:
  9. Eternity band is on my short list!
  10. a nice RHR? a nice sized sapphire, ruby or emerald ring? those are very classic :smile:
  11. RHR--that is escaping me.
  12. right hand ring, sorry!
  13. Wait--got it. Right hand ring! Yes, good suggestion.
  14. what gemstone are you drawn to? or even a coloured diamond RHR, that would be gorgeous!
  15. Rolex