I have a job interview tomorrow!

  1. You guys, I have a job interview tomorrow! I am nervous!!!!!:Push: :Push: I applied to HM at the Beverly Center in California! So tomorrow I will know whether or not I am in or out! Any tips to expect in the interview! This would be my first time applying for a clothing store! Any one works for HM by the way!
  2. Good luck! Be yourself, relax and showcase your talents and charisma! Please let us know how it goes...lots of happy thoughts coming your way!!!!
  3. ^^^ Pursegrrl....you are just ahead of me tonight...once again, I couldn't have said it better.

    Good luck! I know you'll be great!
  4. Look gorgeous :graucho:
  5. I bet they are going to ask what's your own image of the brand :smile: Clothes stores always ask that!
  6. be very stylish and just be yourself is the most important thing. i wish you all the luck!!! :smile:
  7. Good luck!
  8. How did it go?
  9. aww best of luck dear ...

    waiting for feedback :smile:
  10. Good Luck!! Hope everything goes well.
  11. good luck
  12. tell us how it goes. that store is great. can't beat their stuff.
  13. Hi ladies I am back! Ok, the interview went well! Well at least I thought so! It was short maybe 20 or 25 minutes! He said they will call me back in a week to either continue with the second interview or to tell me no. Then after that he said it was another interview, followed by a background check, and a job offer. So hopefully I made a right impression! Thank all you for the kind wishes! I read this before I left, and I felt better! Thank you ladies!
  14. We're all pulling for you! Keep us posted. Good luck!!!