I have a horrible case of PMS so I just....

  1. Bought a Signature Patchwork hobo on a whim....Coach IS better than chocolate.

  2. LOL! That's awesome and FAT FREE too!! Great purchase!
  3. Very nice!! This will definitely ease the PMS symptoms. Enjoy!
  4. i personally stick with the idea that a nice little box of godiva IN the coach bag works wonders. not that i've done that...:whistle:
  5. That's a fantastic idea! Why choose if you don't have to? :yahoo:
  6. You know, on my PMS, I would get BOTH! Lots of chocolates and Coach bags!! LOL
  7. Yeah, i'm a greedy PMS-er. I'd want both!
  8. i usually don't splurge on coach bags when i'm PMSing (or chocolate... i don't even like chocolate!)... but when i get my heart broken is a total different story, haha.
  9. and by the way, great bag! its really cute
  10. ^oh, a broken heart deserves way more than coach and chocolate...that's when you depend on spa therapy for a week. :yes:
  11. Great bag!

  12. oh, btw, calories whilst pms'ing don't count. ;)
  13. haha well 5 bags because of a broken heart kinda worked for me.. but ill keep in mind the spa therapy thing next time! :smile:
  14. ^haha. i "borrowed" some of my ex's things and sold them and bought myself a bag. so i got my revenge and a bag- life was good.
  15. The seller is in Illinois...I wonder if I can talk her into going to Fannie May and getting me a box of dark chocolate raspberry filled cremes to boot!
    Picture of this weekend: me- curled up on my sofa, clutching my new bag in one hand, stuffing raspberry cremes in my mouth with the other and weeping uncontrollably while watching "The Way We Were" for the bazillionth time!:crybaby: