I have a green Betty on hold but I am not sure..

  1. I am not sure if it is a shade of green I will like. Can someone who has seen the green tell me if this pic accurately repsresents the green:

    I like greens that are a little muted that will go with a lot. Thanks!
  2. These pics are from an auction but the seller doesn't have the greatest track record so I am not sure if it is authentic. I like how this green looks:
  3. On my monitor the first photo looks the closest. The color is nice IRL. Do you have it on hold at Saks? Their discount right now is major!! If not, ask about price matching.
  4. Hi - Yes it is at the Greenwich Saks. I called after seeing your post! It is an awesome deal so I was surprised to find that it is still available. I have been waffling about what color to get and when I started thinking about the green, I decided that it really will work with my wardrobe. I'll calling them now!
  5. I just talked to the Greenwich store and they were telling me about the green one being on hold. :roflmfao: It's still on hold, so you're safe!!!

    Hopefully you have done your transaction and your bag is on it's way home. :heart:
  6. That olive color is TDF! I :heart: handbags whose colors are different from the norm. When you acquire the bag take photos!!!
  7. I called and closed the deal. She said it was sort of a lime color which threw me off a little. My wardrobe is drab so bags like this really give it some life. I can't believe no one else has this color! - I will post pics.
  8. Gorgeous - I can't wait to see pic's
  9. Congrats Moodindigo! I think you'll love the color! I don't see it as "lime".
  10. It's definitely NOT lime! I've seen it and I'd call it a pretty pea green. It's not olive/army green and not lime but somewhere in between. It's pretty! It looks pretty close to that first pic.
  11. lol. I saw that bag in person. It's a really nice pea green. But a cooler pea green -- not as yellowy-olive. congrats!
  12. I would call it a moss green. Similar to Marc Jacobs' Sap green.
    Nice color :biggrin:
  13. it's a cute bag. and i like the color.
  14. Oh - MJ Sap is a nice color. I can't wait to see it. With the holiday, I probably won't get it until Thursday or Friday. :sad:
  15. Very pretty! I'd love to see a pic one. What a gorgeous color.