I have a Great Bag!

  1. Hey, does any one have the small black leather flap style # 10316. Its a very nice bag, great everyday bag :tup: I purchased it at an outlet in Kittery ,Me. Just came from the stores and sold for $70.00, reg. price $218.00. Well thanks for reading!
  2. Great purchase! :smile:
    I love little leather flaps. PERFECT little bag for dressy or casual days.
  3. Pics, Pics, we want pics!! :graucho: Sounds like a great bag!
  4. wow great price for a great bag.. congrats and pics please!!!:woohoo:
  5. Yes, that was one of my very first "flaps" in white leather and red suede, very nice bags! Congratulations!
  6. Is it one of the soho flaps? if so I think those are like the best bags, and it's one of those great either way ones that like everyone should have because theyre awesome with some jeans but look awesome dressed up too!