I have a gift card to Nordstrom and would like to buy before the price increase--any

  1. recommendations about their line of Chanels and an SA there. Only the flagship carries Chanels, yes?? Or is there another one. I called the Wash store briefly and they didn't really "click" with the SA I got.
  2. Jackie is really nice in the Nordstroms in California, I beilive it was topanga.

    And they have a really good selection of the Modern chains and the Sharpey bags.

    I have the modern chain and I'm dying for a sharpey tote.

    Look into those bags, and I'm sure you'll love them. Good luck!
  3. ^i second the motion for nordie topanga in southern cal. Jackie and Loan are the best! They got a ton of stuff in when i was there a week or so ago.

    818 884 7900 x 1255 (i think that's loan's extension but the two of them often work together)
  4. The Nordstrom's that carry Chanel are: Minnesota Mall of America (MOA), Topanga CA, and Seattle.

    I second ldldb's recs above, and add Carolyn at MOA. Carolyn went all out to help me get a Baby Coco Cabas a couple of months ago. I ended up not buying it, but she was really nice about it. Her # is: (952)883-2121.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  5. Denise is great at the Seattle store. She responds quickly to emails and will send you pictures. (209)628-1390