I have a dumb question

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  1. So I have been wondering and I even asked a few LV sa's what happens when the LV's are discontinued and sent back. Where do they go? I know there is not an outlet.. are they just destroyed? Does Elux get them and then just sell them out? Just curious..
    The mini collection is still available at Elux but the LV stores say it was taken out of their stores..
    Thanks.. inquiring minds want to know.. :rolleyes:
  2. They offer the items to their employees at very discounted prices, if there are items left over they then burn them.
  3. Why don´t they just keep on selling them until they actually sell!? I would love to have all of the unwanted ones :biggrin:

  4. :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: for reallll?!?!?!
  5. I think somehow they'll store the discontinued pieces somewhere, so that when you call 1866 they'll locate one for you and send it to you.

    I'm more interested in how they treat the defects though, like a little scratch here or there...
  6. Now I want to be an LV employee!
  7. I read the the limited edition items were kept in shopd untill they were sold out...I thought they'd so the same thing with discontinued items. I could be wrong, though
  8. I think that they keep them in stock until they sell out.
    My Monogram Glace Cuff was discontinued earlier last year, yet they still had one!
  9. Also, to add not many bags end up being burned. There is a lot of time in between where, like I said earlier, they are offered the staff at an incredible discount-something like 75% off and they are also transferred to other stores to get more exposure in hopes they will sell. Burning is the final action, but not many end up getting destroyed.
  10. I think its time I got a job at a LV store LOL.. bet I would enjoy it a lot more then selling dumb insurance too.. hmmm thanks ladies..
  11. Exactly..they're still sending around Cerises pieces and even the Panda. Most of the time though, the pieces sell out before they even consider that option. They give them VERY ample time to sell first, by sending it from store to store or via 866-vuitton, THEN they offer them at an 80% or so discount, THEN they send them away to be burned. However, this process takes a number of years, it's not immediate.
  12. When I talked w/ the SA in St. Louis he stated that the "season's bags that do not sell are shipped back to Europe and destroyed" He said this under his breath as to not be heard by other staff. I believe he was telling the truth...this was during the Cherry release time:crybaby:
  13. yeah that's what I heard too, from a friend of a friend that works at LV, about them being discounted to their employees or else burned.
  14. defected ones or display ones (on the shelf with tons of light and heat = patina'ed leather) or ones with scratches from customers' nails, excessive handling, etc.. all get sent back to warehouse and is sold to employees at about 75% off.
  15. they are burned and the ashes are put into little shoe boxes and sold to others for 90% off retail