I have a dilemma here

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  1. Hi Everyone,
    Here is my dilemma. I am torn between 4 bags that I want to get. I can't get all four of course. I really want this to be my last bag for the year because I want to start saving. This is going to be very hard for me to save because I want to try to save up for a condo or my masters degree. Here are the bags:

    - LV Nimbis Olympe PM in Anthracite...I found a preloved one
    - Alexander Wang Coco Duffle...I love the studs and it seems to be the new IT bag lately and its reasonably priced and I have been liking biker looks lately
    -Gucci Icon Bit Medium Boston in Black Guccisma...I like the chain with it...for some reason again I have been liking the biker look lately
    - Fendi Spy in Taupe..I like the neutral color

    Which one should I get?
  2. For me it would be the Fendi Spy, it's a great neutral and will never go out of style! Never was a fan of the Nimbus.
  3. Nimbus is great but I would prefer the GM size.
  4. do you have pics of these bags?
  5. please put pics of the bags u mentioned,it will be easier to help!
  6. Nimbus GM!!
  7. the nimbus is tdf gorgeous. go for that
  8. I like both nimbus and alexander wang coco duffle. Between the 2, I'd choose anthracite nimbus. The details on nimbus is beautiful.
  9. Go with the Nimbus ;)
  10. Fendy Spy is the best choice of all 4.
  11. I prefer the Fendi over the Nimbus... not sure about the coco duffle?
  12. Fendi Spy hands down.
  13. Alexander Wang Coco Duffle.


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  14. as much as i love lv and alexander wang (i love the biker look too!).... i have to go with fendi spy. i think that's a piece every bag-a-holic needs to have.
  15. nimbus -- the spy just looks dated and anything hailed as the latest "it" bag simply isn't worth the money