I have a dark denim 'Classique' in my shopping cart, who wants it?

  1. I guess no one is interested in the denim/brown leather combo. I am letting it out of my cart now.
  2. Becca, i guess there were no takers for this style??? what happened to the mania?
  3. I think for the non-leather bbags it is an aquired taste. With that said, I have never seen this style in the first size! and Becca, thanks for thinking of us :smile:
  4. Hey anytime! Would love to see a PF member get first grabs on any of the Balenciaga bags.
  5. Its so weird, Becca's direct link works but if I just do a search for balenciaga, it doesnt show up
  6. Her link works but the bag is no longer available at this time. Bluefly removes the unavailable products off their stock list and that's why this bag doesn't come up when you do a search for it. If it's available again, Bluefly will simply re-post the link up again. That's why Becca's link still works even though the bag is no longer available.
  7. ^ No no, when I checked, the bag was still available. Which is why I said it was weird. I even put it in my shopping cart for a minute or two to test. Must be a glitch
  8. Becca, thank you! I got it just a few minutes ago. This will me my first classsique so i'm hoping I love it as much as my cities. Thanks again. I just looove this place!
  9. :biggrin: I am so happy!!!!!!! That is awesome! Did you use the coupon code? Great price and great bag. Congratulations!
  10. ^^^ Yes, I used the 15% off plus my lucky rewards of 8% so this was a FANTASTIC deal! Thanks you SO much!:biggrin: I'm so excited!