I have a credit burning a hole in my pocket

  1. And it's driving me nuts. The crazy ex (hella crazy) gave me the bleecker top handle, but I couldn't look at it, so I returned it. Anywho, I deserve a nice bag after all I've gone through... but I can't decide what. :sad: I've been out of the Coach loop for too long... is there anything I should know before getting one? I have my eye on the chocolate Carly or Sig Satchel (never seen one irl though) BUT I have the carly pouch in khaki already (but that has other ex memories associated with it... i might just hide it) Is another carly overkill? Anybody have pictures of them with the sig stripe satchel? I try to get different styles of bags... to help me justify... :p

    Help? :hysteric:
  2. Chocolate Carly!!! Most and best purse ever!!
  3. What kind of bag do you like to carry-- something with a long or short strap? Does your taste run more into a classic, trendy or a mix of both? Does size and weight matter?

    I worked in RETAIL for way to long and i always asked people these questions before i delved into suggesting anything.
  4. You can never have too much Carly, that's for sure!!! :smile:
    Maybe you could get a handbag for a niche that hasn't been filled yet, or a bunch of accessories...or some shoes? :smile:
  5. carly! carly! i vote for the carly!! :tup::p
  6. :yes:Me too!