I have a crazy neighbor who copies handbags I own.


Feb 16, 2006
So today I was working and my co-worker told me he saw my crazy neighbor. I work out of my home so he knows all about the weird things she has been doing. He knows not to say to much to her. He said she kept asking about what I'm working on and what am I doing and where else am I working on. ( She is definitly fishing). Anyways later she emailed and I said I was busy and then she called and said she had some leftover dog food to give my dog and I said no thank you.

She is relentless....
:weird: :weird:

I'm sure more to come.:suspiciou


Plisse Me!
Feb 4, 2006
SF Bay Area
Sherri S. said:
I'm sure we're all over-reacting in an attempt to make sure you stay safe. I bet she is just severely lacking in imagination and people skills. To be on the safe side, though, I'd be careful what personal info goes out in your garbage. She is a neighbor, right?
"We're all over-reacting, but make sure you buy that .45 and load it properly and place it under your pillow at night." - My grandmother sleeps with an axe under her bed because she's afraid that she may miss with a gun and she doesn't have a neighbor like yours.

Sherri is probably right and this woman probably just needs (desperately wants) a friend. She also sounds socially inept. Either way, be careful, better to have your guard up than down.