I have a crazy neighbor who copies handbags I own.

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  1. :biggrin:
  2. I hate people like that, I have a friend that tends to try to copy what I buy...but she fails since a lot of it is out of her league. Its really annoying and I wish it didn't happen, but there isn't much I can do about it :lol:

    The most annoying is when she tells me that she wants her man to buy it for her when she sees him, as if that would happen anyway!
  3. Be careful around friends like that. I had one (the one who lives in Davis). She tried to copy me all of first year. Then second year, she tried copying another friend. She had no personality or style of her own. She had no sense of self. And when we finally confronted her, she flew into a rage, and her dad got involved. Long story short, try to get detached because it might bite you in the future.
  4. Another thing, I don't like having a boyfriend buy stuff for me. It makes me feel like I owe them something for the present. Usually, I'M the one buying presents for them. :biggrin:
  5. :lol: yeah, I'm not going to confront her, doesn't seem worth it at this point. I've confirmed with some other friends that it does go on though:cry:
  6. Some people are just plain nutty. I think the best thing is to avoid that person and if you do see them, don't reveal anything of yourself... don't tell them where you're going or what you're doing.
  7. Your neighbor sounds SO creepy!!! You should definitely keep your guard up. It sounds like the beginning of a scary Lifetime movie!
  8. That is what I thought too! :weird:
  9. ...wear the mustache (Tom Selleck-style)...
    Trust me, no one in the entire world is going to want to imitate you then. Heck, no one in the entire world is going to want to go near you.
  10. I agree :smile:
  11. :lol:
  12. I have one of those that live a couple of houses down from me. They even copied our landscaping!!!:nuts:
  13. That's kind of creepy actually. I've seen too many horror movies where the girl tries to copy this other girl to eventually assume her life or something. Scary!!!
  14. I'm sure we're all over-reacting in an attempt to make sure you stay safe. I bet she is just severely lacking in imagination and people skills. To be on the safe side, though, I'd be careful what personal info goes out in your garbage. She is a neighbor, right?
  15. Twilight zone material :suspiciou