I have a crazy neighbor who copies handbags I own.

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  1. Just ignore her and carry what you want! Who cares if she copies you! Its not a problem when we copy what the stars and celebs are wearing...is this any different? She idolizes you like we do the star fashions. It would make me feel good. The day people stop coveting your style....then you can worry!
    Enjoy your crazy neighbor!

  2. Girls can be really crazy sometimes. I'd avoid her at all costs!
  3. :wacko: Scary neighbor!!!! The question she asked you about "if you died" is really disturbing. I'd avoid her at all costs. She is definitely:wacko:
  4. She has the nerve to pose such a horrendous hypothetical situation. I don't care if it was a "joke," it's morbid and sick.

    I highly suggest you change your phone number and tell your husband everything that is going on, this is the least you can do because you can't control where you live right now. *hugs* best of luck.

    Like everybody else said...avoid her at all costs.
  5. Thanks, I guess I'm sort of avoiding her and nice to her so she won't go psycho on me. After all NYC is a small place and I saw "Single White Female". I just hope she finds someone else to stalk. I'm so stupid that I didn't act sooner. I guess being nice just gets you into trouble. It's just not the way I was taught to be. Oh well Thanks for all you suggestions. Back to my Bag obsession.
  6. I have never run into this situation with a neighbor, but have experienced it from former classmates, etc. I can be very rude and this seemed to cure them. Good luck and be careful.
  7. She sounds like a total lunatic! Be careful and carry a pepper spray if you can. You never know how drastic she'll become in the future. Take care.
  8. How creepy. You can't actually tell her to stop copying you so just avoid her. Good luck!
  9. Yikes. This woman sounds nuts! I agree with everyone aviod her at all costs.
  10. That is one creepy neighbor!!! AVOID HER and becareful. I just don't think anyone will make that kind of joke too crazy. I hope she doesn't stalk you and your family.
  11. oh wow. this chick sounds flipping creepy. be careful!!
  12. Hmm, this sound a bit beyond weird, it's actually kind of scary. (esp. the husband thing). I would feel weird about it too. Hope you get this resolved :smile:
  13. The decoy bag cracks me up!!! Very strange with the husband comment! At least you know you have good taste in fashion and men! :smile:
  14. This is very creepy! I think you should really change your phone number, and ignore her. Be careful, and that wasn't a funny joke at all.
  15. Buy some cheap cheap bag at target/walmart...see if she gets it, make sure it's hideious...Call you dog by a nickname, completely diffrent from puppet/pocket, wear a ugly paid something jacket everytime you see her...if she copy's throw the ugly bag at her, and run into your house and hide....:lol: