I have a crazy neighbor who copies handbags I own.


Feb 16, 2006
How do you stop someone who copies everything you do. She is nice but crazy. At first I thought it was a coincedence and then after a year she has copied alot of things. She has named her dog very similar to mine. Mine is (pocket) her dog is (puppet) she copied my Hogan weekender bag. She is on-line looking for a english boyfriend. My husband is English.

Having someone carbon copy you is annoying. She once asked, if I died for some reason, would my husband date her.

I have stopped talking to her but she keeps calling me.:sad2:

I know imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but really!! Come on.
If I see her on the street I purposely hide my bag from her sight. I'm thinking of having a decoy handbag for short errands just in case I see her.:oh: What should it do.. maybe you guys could give me a suggestion on a UGLY BAG.:idea: :biggrin:
This reminds me of an old movie... Single White Female... Have you seen it? I think there's a difference between someone liking something you have and getting it... and copying things from pets' names and so forth... It sounds like with the question she asked about the husband... that she needs some professional help.

Hopefully, it's innocuous, but I would have my guard up just in case. (Not meant to freak you out or anything....)
I first thought maybe you were a little sensitive with the dog's name, then maybe protective with your style and bags (are we all?), I thought maybe she admires you for your style and you are her source to be stylish. But then that question about if your husband would date her if you died "for some reason"? That's really creepy. I would move if I were you...kidding. But as B-Love said above, you have to be careful from now on. We don't want to think evil of people but you have to protect yourself just in case. Don't let her have any more information about you and your life. Did you tell you husband this? And don't ever let her know you are a member of this forum, she will be able to get more info about you here(your member id is a give away).

Mind you, I am a paranoid person.
I would purchase or use a tote and place my bag in it when I go out. Most times I am carrying more than my bag. She doesn't see the bag then and you can remove it when you want to carry your wonderful bag on its own!
I know she is not very computer savy so I am safe with the forum. Yes I am not giving her anymore info. Hmmm I can't move since I own. Maybe she will move, since she rents. (keeping my finger crossed)
serendipity3kb said:
I would purchase or use a tote and place my bag in it when I go out. Most times I am carrying more than my bag. She doesn't see the bag then and you can remove it when you want to carry your wonderful bag on its own!

I've done that too...I love my bags. I wish I didn't have to hide them.
ILoveCoach said:
That's very strange.. have you told her about how you feel?

-- Let her know.. and if she doesn't stop & you truly feel threatened I'd get a restraining order.

I've spoken to her about the husband thing and she said she was just kidding. Then she said some other weird things. and still copied me.

Weird Chick huh...
I don't think weird cuts it. Weird is eating a peanutbutter sardine sandwich. DISTURBED is the word that I would pick!

I had a different incident at college where some strange girl came up to me and said that she was with my bf the previous night. Anyways, long story short, it turned out that she was indeed with him (cheating bastard) and was trying to be me, be friends with my friends, etc.. etc.. etc... Anyways, this girl really turned out to need drastic professional help.

For your sake, I really do hope she moves out.
I agree that this neighbor sounds like she could have a serious disturbance. I have an alternative suggestion. When you see her on the street, don't hide what you wear and carry, but flaunt it. Point out everything you are carrying/wearing and what brand it is and where you bought it. (I would not allow her any access to me by telephone--you want to be the one controlling the situation). I would not do this in a mean way, because she does seem genuinely troubled, but I would make it impossible for her to truly copy you as it would not be possible to get all the details--too much overload.
I hope she's just palying around. If she is serious, she sounds insane. You're a nice person, most people would call her a nutcase and never speak to her again, myself included. lol