I have a craving I can't satisfy? A red lg MP or blake

  1. I have looked all over and I really want a red lg mp ( which I lost out on eBay just recently) or a red blake!!! Oh, where in the world besides eBay am I going to find one?? I really want one baaad, like right now!! with a suede interior of course!! Need help!!!:crybaby::sad::shrugs:
  2. i hear you! i really want a red large mp myself. i'm hoping that the new cinnamon color won't be too brown or too orange. i'm going to look for it this weekend. a few members have said they saw it at Saks. i'm going to see if it's at the mj boutique. if it is and the color is right, i'll be bringing it home with me. i'll post pictures, so you can get the idea of the color. if i don't end up getting it, i'll try to take pictures of it anyway just so you can see what it looks like. i'm pretty sure that since it's a solf calf classic, both the mp (if they'll even be releasing it in this color) and the blake will have suede interiors. don't worry, muggles, i'll report back!
  3. You are a charm! Thanks tadpole!!:nuts:
  4. Once in awhile, I have heard a red blake pops up at Off Fifth. I have yet to see one at mine though.

    Good luck. I think the red MJs from about a year or so ago are gorgeous
  5. I've seen brick red MP's, Blakes, and Venetia's with gold h/w on costco.com before... but they don't have them now and I wasn't sure about authenticity. Wish I could be more help. I'll keep my eyes peeled for you!!