I have a confession...

  1. As weird as it may sound (and as weird as you may think that I am after hearing this) I am so addicted to the smell of LV bags!!
    When I bought my CB pochette, it smelled a little plasticy...because of the coated/silk screened canvas. It was very...unique.
    My Coussin didn't smell, my Sarria mini didn't smell (it smelled like the previous owner's perfume, I'm assuming), although my Recital smelled horrible (for some reason) and now it's worse than before since I was stupid and sprayed perfume in it :Push:
    I love smelling my Jasmin...seller used it once or twice, and it smells brand new...for some reason it reminds me of shops in Hong Kong...
    Anyways, to stop myself from sniffing my bags, I'm putting Bounce sheets in all of my bags to get rid of the bag smell so I don't sniff my bags any more. :Push:
    *hangs head in shame*
  2. i also love the smell of new lv items! the leather and canvas scent is intoxicating. when i get a new item i would lay in my bed and admire the stitching and craftsmanship when im bored... now im crazy!
  3. I love the smell of new bags and leather! (and also gasoline, and tires. oops?)
  4. omg! Just yesterday I was telling the BF to smell my bag! He gave me the weirdest look -- but he smelled it anyways! hehehe...lol I love the smell of my Audra. Sometimes the BF catches me smelling my bag!:blush: It still smells like the first day I got it! I wonder how long the smell of the Alcantara lining lasts?
  5. haha ok I'm not the only crazy one! I haven't bought a new bag in a while and ever since I got the azur speedy I been smelling the inside of it hahaha.
  6. My bf always catches me smelling my bag!
    He never says anything though!
    Ahhh you're making me want to take those bounce sheets out of my bags...
  7. hehe- nothin' like the smell of canvas in the morning :lol: I also love the smell of gas (petroleum, not the bodily-produced variety :angel: )
  8. My daughter (8 yrd old) loves the smell of LV bags too...everytime I get a new one, she opens it up and loves to inhale! What fabulous taste:girlsigh:
  9. You can smell bounce when your laying in your bedsheets!
    Take Them out Karmen! You know U wanna!:P
  10. lol, i love smelling my bags too!
  11. call me freak, i smell all my bags as well..

    so no worries karman, u arent alone :lol:
  12. I love the new bag smell. It's like the new car smell!
  13. I love this forum!!! And I really love this thread!!!

    I love the smell of new bags as well, even to a point where I think...now that is way enough....:lol: Its really weird yet so addicting......:shame:
  14. lolz karman!You are definitely not alone... i love the smell of my bags too :smile:
  15. You are sooooo not alone, karman. I love smelling my bags...old or new! I think I'm crazy when I like the smell of older leather...it smells so antique-ish...(if that makes sense).