I have a confession...

  1. I've purchased Coach bags since the early 1990's, but every since they came out with their signature line, I've only ever purchased signature bags and accessories. In the past month I've purchased a leather Chelsea turnlock wristlet in mineral, a Whiskey Mandy and a black leather legacy satchel...I can't believe it, but I am hooked on the leather pieces!! :shocked:
    Every style bag I look at now, I want in leather not Signature!! i.e. Leigh, Gigi, Miranda (although that's easy as she doesn't come in signature). :girlsigh:
    I still love the signature line and I'm sure I will purchse more signature bags, but right now I'm in love with the leather pieces...kinda makes me feel a teeny bit guilty!! :shame:

    Has anyone else ever had this happen to them?
  2. I have never been a fan of the signature, looks to busy for me. But I will say, I have bought Coach's leather bags and they are beautiful. My most recent acquisition (last night) was the Miranda. It stopped me in my tracks. I had a Junior Drake on backorder at Nordstrom but wasn't sure it was worth the wait. I know, the leather is amazing. That's what everyone says. It probably is. I walked into the Coach store, saw the Miranda, and wanted to buy it immediately. For the price, a lot of other options were available. I looked at a lot of designer bags at Nordstrom (hey the Miranda price opens the door to a lot of choices) but the Miranda it was.

    Enjoy the leather bags, they are beautiful and those signature bags will be vintage someday! Everything does...:s
  3. I started out the opposite. I have never been a big fan of signature stuff. My first bag had signature on it, but I think most people buy their first designer bag for the statement it makes, so of course I wanted it to be recognizable as a Coach to anyone who saw it.

    Since then though, I really buy the leather only. It's not intentional, just for some reason I gravitate to those a lot more. Coach's leather bags are so stylish and classic. I really don't see them going out of style ever.

    Oh, also, if you wanted Miranda in bordeaux, I called Coach CS earlier this evening to ask how limited they were because I was debating returning mine to get something else, then re-buying it later, and the girl on the phone wouldn't give me a number, but she did tell me that the quantity is extremely limited in that color now.
  4. I like both signature and leather and my bags are a pretty good mix of both. There are some styles that I do like better in leather than signature (the Ali for example) and vice versa.
  5. I did the same thing. I only had the signature styles, but in all black until the Carly came out. Then I got the Khaki/Saddle, Canvas Chocolate and was a bit unsure about the noticable "C"s. The black/black wasn't as noticable. Then, I found leather.....

    Started with a leather wristlet from the outlet (loved the feel), then got a leather wallet, a small hobo that my daughter now has, a camel legacy zip top (10326), shoulder tote (10328), and Mandy (10331). There's no turning back now. I've got my eye on a ergo leather tote in chocolate (if they ever show up!!), but also like the deeper brown of the signature. I guess I still like both but now look to see the design, colors, and 'fit' when i wear it. For some, leather is just much better.
  6. The Miranda is selling out in bordeaux? Well that's a problem, I bought black and wanted to get that one as well. Was going to wait a couple of weeks.
  7. I used to buy more of the Signature & Hamptons Weekend lines... but I found myself getting tired of them quickly & not pulling them back out again because when I looked at them I'd think that was 'so last year'.

    I only recently (in June) decided to buy a Mandy & knew immediately I had been wasting my time with anything but leather! I sold all my old stuff on eBay & am re-establishing my collection with all Leather (and maybe that Suede Leigh:drool:). Not sure if I'll ever go back!
  8. I have really never cared for signature and just came back to Coach with the Legacy 65th Anniversary Collection when the company decided to go back to what they were originally know for - producing all leather handbags. I don't own a piece of signature yet - that is not too say I won't buy any in the future. Coach does make some amazing signature pieces but they also make some exceptional leather pieces as well. I just prefer the leather especially the look and smell of the Legacy leather.:tup:
  9. Maybe that has something to do with it...both the Mandy and the satchel are legacy bags and maybe it's the combination of the leather with the legacy lining...that combo is incredible!
  10. I have and like both sig and leather. I agree I think some styles/sizes look better in sig and vice versa.... I JUST bought (meaning this afternoon) a sig mahogany large ergo hobo. Now that I have it home, I'm wondering if its TOO much sig since its such a large bag??? Its kinda screaming at me "LOOK AT ME, I'M COACH!" Do you think this bag looks bad in the sig? I petted the patent leather for the first time today. My store has all 3 colors on the floor. I was eyeballing the mahogany...OMG..I didn't know it could feel that good! I guess I've only touched fake patent before so I had no interest...but....is patent leather ok for an everyday bag??? Its seems too fancy to me for an everyday bag?? The only color choices should I exchange for regular leather are black or natural...any advice? Hope I'm not hijacking this thread....its related to the whole sig vs. leather question...:balloon:
  11. I have only had signature, but in the ali I much preferred the leather.. it hooked me too! I still like the signature lines though, it just depends on the bag I think, for me anyway.
  12. I love the ergo hobo in leather, even when this bag first came out, and I hadn't yet experienced the leather, I remember thinking that I prefered the look of the leather over the signature (I have the sigatnure ergo tote but in the hobo I just like the look of the leather better). I love the natural, but just saw someone the other day carrying the black leather. And I normally don't like the patent, but that mahogany color is YUMMY. Sorry...I don't think I've been much help to you...:nogood: But do let us know what what you decide to do and post pics so we can see!!! :yes:
  13. I have the Mahogany Ergo Patent bag and I love her. I am carrying her tomorrow. I love that bag so. She is so elegant and classy. I thing the patent is fine for day or evening. This bag is real patent leather so you are right there is no comparison between the Coach Patent and the fake imitation patent that is out there. Get the bag, you will not regret it.
  14. Like I said, she wouldn't give me any numbers (which I don't understand since they've never had any problems giving me numbers in the past) but I asked her, in her opinion, how long did she think there'd be until they were sold out of that color, and she said it could be within the next week.

    Of course it all really depends on how reliable she is. You may want to call and ask yourself, maybe you'll get a different person who will actually give you the amount they have left. :smile:
  15. Odd.. I've never had any issues with them giving #'s either. In fact today they told me they had less than 200 in each color of the Embossed Suede Leigh.