I have a confession :(

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  1. I had a long internal debate over my heart coin purses and about a week ago my friend offered to buy one since she knew how I felt. I decided after thinking a LOOOOOOONg time that I was going to sell her the Pomme heart. I decided this because I really love my framboise and MC but have never used the pomme and didn't like it after about a week. I didn't say anything cuz I felt stones would be thrown!!!:p

    I am having second thoughts now only because I am sure that I could have gotten so much more had I held onto it and sold it at a later date. On the other hand she really loves it and I am happy to have done that for her.

    either way I guess I am glad that it is gone. Now I don't sit and frown about having one i don't use

    needing some reassurance that I did an ok thing:sad:
  2. Well, if u made a friend happy and don't have excess baggage LOL than its all good IMO.

    R u comming to the MOA tPF meeting on April 21st.
  3. I think you did THREE good things!

    (1) You made your friend gleefully happy with her new LV, (2) you freed yourself of the burden of being upset about the coeur you weren't going to use, and (3) you now have $$ available to buy something else!

    Well done!

  4. ita! ;)
  5. I think it's great, good purse karma :smile:
  6. ITA!!! Couldn't have said it better myself! What a good friend you are!:flowers:
  7. ok i already have started to let it go
    I just will never look to see what pomme hearts are going for on eBay..might break my little heart!

    louislovesfendi...can't make it even thought i REALLY want to. That day I have to go to Albert Lea for my Grandparent's anniversary party. My cousin also has her senior prom that she is missing!

    hopefully another one can get scheduled and I can get to go...feelin so left out! somebody could at least meet me there sometime..sometimes I swear I've moved in:p
  8. Are you kidding?? Those are the kind of things that BRING you GOOD KARMA!!!!

    I think you did a great thing!
  9. your alma and azur is simply :drool: !!!!!
    I wish I was able to keep anything white clean:cursing:
  10. good purse karma indeed :smile: you're a good lady.
  11. You did a good thing all around. I agree with the others. Good purse karma.
  12. You made someone else happy and there's no point keeping something that you aren't going to use, good on you!:yes:
  13. what goes around comes around!! :flowers::flowers:

    ure such an awesome friend! :love:
  14. awww...you sold your pomme coeur. well, at least it went to a good home. plus you have two more to love, right?
  15. Don't worry at all about your decision- you definitely made the right one! Imagine you wanted something so badly that your friend had...
    And don't think about how much you could've gotten on eBay, making a friend overjoyed is worth much more in the long run!