i have a confession to make...

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  1. i've always been an LV lover and that is how i got addicted to this site. sooo lately i have been in the hermes forum (so addicted to it) and now all i can think of is sell all my lv and other designer bags so i can invest and my dream birkin bag...

    does anyone else feel the same way?????:crybaby:

    ive had dreams that ill accidentally walk into an hermes store and find a birkin ready to be sold. since this would be a rare opportunity id have to purchase one even though my hubby would kill me when he sees the amex bill...:censor:

    do you think 7k for a bag is worth it????
  2. I'm a Birkin wannabe-owner too!

    Just to LYK, if you're not fussy, you CAN walk in and get a Birkin... DH was in the Chicago H store today for the first time, and was offered a Birkin (but NOT the one I wanted... and they wouldn't waitlist him either). So I did have a chance, but I'm holding out for my Rouge H or Rouge Vif!

    Anyway, so me - I would defintely spend $7K on a bag!

    I still like LV, but I've started falling in love with other brands, esp Chanel and Hermes. I don't think I'd sell my LVs since I still like them too! Anyhoo... I figure by the time I actually even get ON a Birkin waitlist, I should have saved up enough for one by then!
  3. nah....I love LV, Hermes is too "old" for me now....I'm 19...........
  4. Hermes is a *someday* bag for me. I mean if it was something I really wanted NOW, I probably would have skipped over Chanel and LV and gone straight to Hermes.
    But I like the fun pieces LV makes because that's where I'm at right now with my tastes..I have a few more formal bags, especially my Chanels, and that's all I need for now.
    Eventually I'll get a Birkin but it's not an emergency for me.
  5. wow really???? oh my gosh do you know what they offered him?? im going to chicago in october for a wedding. maybe i can drag the dh there and get lucky hehe
  6. i think there's someone else on the forum who wants to sell all her bags and focus on Hermes only for the rest of her life or something :lol:

    anyway, right now i'm still into LV, but i will get a Birkin someday. in fact my mom has agreed to make it my graduation+birthday gift, since both are in December, but i really don't know if i want a Birkin now :shrugs:
  7. I also dream of Birkins lately, but that will never take the place of LV for me. I want a Birkin , but would never trade my LV's for one.neva, EVA, NEVA!:yahoo:
  8. haha, birkin is all worth it.. IMO.... i've been also saving for a :yahoo: birkin JPG for about a month now, i know i will have it soon(lolz)... It's all worth it dear, but i will never sell my LVs ever..:yes: I would definitely spend $7K or more on a bag! :love:
  9. you are all right. ill miss all my lvs. itll always be a classic to me as the value goes up and i can pass them down to my daughters one day. though i do want to kick myself for buying marc jacobs bags almost every month for the past 2 years. i would have had at least 2 birkins by now! sheesh.
  10. Honestly, I do not think that I would spend 7K for a bag. The thing that I like about LV is that they offer some great bags that are not super outrageous-- papilion, speedy, mezzo, saleya, etc.

    Plus, Hermes is gorgeous, but I am only 22 and like someone already said, it is alittle "old" for me. Perhaps when I am in my 30s or even 40s it will appeal to me more:smile:
  11. oh, well then, if you must, sell the Marc Jacobs and get the Birkins :lol:!
  12. I think Hermes is totally worth it. I can't afford it now thank goodness. Because I know I won't be able to stop at just one.
  13. I actually did it it but not for Hermes. I sold almost all my LVs except for my MC white lodge pm which is just because eBay is so slow. I sold them to buy leather bags especially Balenciagas because they fit much better with my cloths and life style. I never regretted it to get rid of all my mono things as they were too flashy for me. I do like some epi pieces and damier but not enough to buy them right now. I'm really happy with my Bbags and Chloes especially I'm a leather addict. Do whatever you feel best with. The good thing about LV is that most pieces will be there for ever and it won't be a problem to re-buy them.
  14. I wouldn't. To me that $7,000 is a nice part of a downpayment on an LV trunk.:yes:
  15. I, too, think that Hermes is too old for me right now, but hopefully someday when I am older and it would look more right on me.
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